tax cuts

On Race and Taxes, Both Parties Insist Upon Speaking No Evil

The debate over taxes is and has always been a proxy for one about racial inequity. And we’ve never been able to admit it.

Inequality Is Our Economy's Core Problem--That's Why Taxes Matter

Closing the income and wealth gaps isn’t an ideal, as the president suggests. It’s the whole point.

Obama's Bizarre, Offensive Effort to Equate Tax Cuts and Abolition

Slavery was not a great example of a compromise Mr. President.

Landrieu: Tax Cut Deal Steals from Poor, Black Families for Rich

Progressive economists give it a meh.

It's Not About Tax Cuts. Obama Must Stand in Defense of Government

ColorLines Editor Kai Wright says the president can fight now, or we can all lose later.

Yet Another Jobs Idea Fails in the Senate

Senate Democrats can’t even pass a relatively conservative bill to stop outsourcing.

Explaining the Democrats' Payroll Tax Holiday

It’ll probably create more votes than it will jobs, but it’s a start.

Raising Taxes on Poor Moms while Giving the Rich a Break

While much of the media has focused on the debate over extending Bush-era tax cuts for the rich, some other tax relief for the less-than-wealthy hardly gets a second glance.