Congressman's Cocaine Bust Illuminates Race and Gender Sentencing Disparities

Rep. Radel gets slapped on writs for coke possession. Black and Latino men and women don’t get off so easy.

Georgia Governor Signs Welfare Drug Testing Bill Into Law

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal approved a bill on Monday evening that will soon require all applicants to the state cash assistance program to pass a drug test.

96% of Florida Welfare Applicants Pass Drug Test, Discredit Tea Party Gov

The state must now spend $180M a year to debunk the tea party-backed governor’s stereotypes of poor people. So much for smart, efficient use of public funds.

'It's Free Swipe Yo EBT' Music Video Attacks Poor Mothers

In her satirical video, Chapter plays Keywanda, a young mother of ten who deals with the “stress of her children’s fathers.”

Congress Drops the Ball on Welfare Reform--Again

Congress had a chance to continue a program that created 250,000 jobs and help single moms out of poverty. They blew it.

It's a Wrap -- Congress Lets Our Only Real Jobs Program Die

As Congress takes off for midterm elections, it seals the fate of the one real jobs program we had.

As Washington Returns, It's Back to Jobs vs. the Deficit

Obama hopes the tax debate will paint a bright line between Republicans and Democrats this month.