Representative Tulsi Gabbard, President Donald Trump, Representative Sheila Jackson Lee

Trump Launches Missiles at Syria, Legislators of Color Respond

Representative Tulsi Gabbard: “Trump’s military strikes in Syria are reckless and short-sighted.”

PREMIERE: Punk Band Giant Kitty Fights Post-its and Prejudice in 'This Stupid Stuff' Video

Lead singer Miriam Hakim: “Little (and big) instances of prejudice and discrimination don’t make it easier to take, they tear you down more and make it harder to focus on things you actually want to focus on.”

First Lady to Host Syrian Refugee at State of the Union Address

Syrian scientist and widower Refaai Hamo and more than 20 other special guests will have a place of honor at President Obama’s final SOTU.

Syrian Refugees and America's Long History of Selective Immigration Policy [OP-ED]

If the Senate votes yes to the American SAFE Act that Congress passed last week, it will be much more difficult for Syrian civil war refugees to come into the United States. It’s just the latest in American immigration policy shaped by xenophobia and racism. 

ICYMI: Someone Made President Obama's 'Pop Off' Comments Into an EDM Song

Let’s just say it’s damn catchy. 

High Unemployment Rates Aren't Budging

Against the backdrop of possible military action in Syria, the U.S. jobs picture remains bleak

Bread, Bombs and a 9-Day Clock

The president’s call for a congressional vote on Syria couldn’t come at a worst time for economic justice.