STUDY: Black Students Disproportionately Suspended, Expelled in Southern Schools

A new study from two researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Education has confirmed what many black parents already know all too well: The people in charge at American schools are much more likely to suspend and even expel African-American children than their white peers. They also discovered that the problem is especially pronounced in the South.

Criminal Charges Against Black Family That Cheered at Graduation are Dropped

The Mississippi school superintendent withdrew the disorderly conduct complaint he’d filed against four black audience members who cheered for thier loved one at a high school graduation on May 21.

Muslim Girls on Minneapolis B-Ball Team Design Culturally Appropriate Uniforms

The girls, who play for a Cedar-Riverside community team, built their new uniforms for speed.

Texas Activist Group Plans March In Response to McKinney Officer Violence

Protest is scheduled for tonight in response to police violence against local teens.

Hillary Clinton Calls For Sweeping Voting Reform

Hillary Clinton calls for an overhaul of American voting system, including automatic universal registration.

Princeton Students Petition Against a Campus Concert by 'Misogynistic, Homophobic' Big Sean

More than 500 students have signed a petition protesting the rapper’s upcoming performance on campus.

Codeblack Films Creates Scholarship for Black Film Students

The Lionsgate division seeks to help diversify film.

Undocumented Harvard Student Allowed to Return to the U.S.

Dario Guerrero’s humanitarian parole is only approved for two years

Chicago to Close 61 Public School Facilities to Address $1 Billion Deficit

Student advocates say the schools closures will disproportionately affect students of color and endanger the lives of those who may have to cross gang boundaries to attend school.

Two Minnesota Students Record a Terribly Racist Rant in Blackface

The two young women go through just about every stereotype in the 5-minute video.

Ohio Students Warn Against Being a Racist Fool This Halloween

Controversy surrounding racially offensive Halloween costumes and theme parties have become a routine part of the holiday on college campuses. One student group wants to make a difference.

White Students in Blackface Reenact Chris Brown-Rihanna Fight

Last Friday, three white high schools students

in Waverly, New York attended a pep-rally in black face and re-enacted a “scene” from the 2009 incident in which performer Chris Brown allegedly beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

90 College Presidents Cite Patents in Call for Immigration Reform

Foreign graduate students are big contributors to inventions that create jobs, the presidents say. They urge changes so more can stay here after graduating.