Stonewall Inn. A sea of rainbow Pride flags and marchers in front of Stonewall Inn.

NYPD Apologizes for Stonewall Raid, 50 Years Later

Activists say nothing has changed in the way the police interact with LGBTQ+ people of color.

New 'Stonewall' Poster More Diverse Than Trailer

The new poster appears to be the film studio’s response to accusations of whitewashing. 

Over 15k Sign Petition to Boycott 'Stonewall' And Its White/Cis-washing of History

The petition to boycott the upcoming film, set during the Stonewall riots, centers on the film’s glossing-over of the contributions of women, trans* folks and people of color to the landmark event. 

'Stonewall' Trailer Accused of Whitewashing, Omitting Contributions of Trans* People of Color

The trailer for Roland Emmerich’s upcoming film about the Stonewall riots has provoked controversy for omitting the contributions of integral activists of color including Marsha P. Johnson and Sylvia Rivera. 

Learn About the Life of Trans Activist and Actress Marsha P. Johnson

You can watch the entire documentary for free online.