Mary G. Ross on a Google Doodle. Brown woman in a green dress, white pearls, with her face surrounded by a yellow and orange star with green trim. A gray satellite, starry space and Earth are behind her

Google Doodle Honors Mary G. Ross, First Native American Female Engineer

The pioneering aeronautical engineer helped design concepts for space travel to Venus and Mars.

Black woman in blue dress and wheelchair sits in front of Black women in black and grey dresses in front of black curtain

West Virginia State University Honors Katherine Johnson With Statue, Scholarship

The mathemetician’s alma mater plans to endow the scholarship with $100,000 to support students seeking degrees in STEM.

Blue circle with white text and dots and logo and red logo on blue plastic surface in front of red and black objects

D.C. Mayor Commits $4,000 to Black Teenage Scientists' NASA-Bound Project After Troll Attack

4chan users tried to sabotage Mikayla Sharrieff, India Skinner and Bria Snell’s entry into a NASA contest for high school students by attacking them with racist and sexist vitriol.

In this July 30, 2015, image, researchers found evidence that a white dwarf star may have ripped apart a planet as it came too close. The field of astronomy and planetary science subjects women of color to the most workplace harassment in the field.

STUDY: Women of Color Astronomers Face Most Racism, Sexism at Work in Field

Nearly 30 percent feel unsafe in the profession because of racism.  

Science Experts Of Color Discuss STEM's Implicit Racial Bias in Candid Reddit AMA

Black scholars answered Redditors’ questions about how structural racism impacts people of color working in the hard sciences.

White House Announces $100 Million in Foundation Funding for Girls and Women of Color

After hosting a forum on Friday, the White House Council on Women and Girls announced $100 million in foundation funding for programs that improve the economic status of low-income women and girls of color.

Only 74 Black Women Hold PhDs in Physics. She’s Raising Money to Make it 75.

LaNell Williams is hoping to raise $3,000 to get to the Fisk-Vanderbilt program this fall 

Study Finds Sexism in STEM Hits Women of Color the Hardest

Harvard Business Review survey shows that Asian, Latino and Black women are at a much higher risk than white women for being pushed out of the STEM field by their colleagues’ biases. 

Two Start-up Founders Talk Diversity in Tech

The STEM needs more industry leaders of color.

Investigating the Dearth of Black Males Among Science and Math Ph.Ds

Getting to the root of a longstanding problem.

Black Girls Code Founder Kimberly Bryant Gets White House Nod

The San Francisco-based founder of the STEM initiative got one of 11 White House Champions for Change in Tech Inclusion awards today.