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New Film 'No Look Pass' Follows Gay Asian American Basketball Star

The documentary follows former Harvard basketball star Emily Tay as she navigates hoops, love, and the expectations of her parents.

The White World of Sports Journalism

Dexter Rogers takes a break from covering January’s big games to ask how the press box became a bastion of white privilege.

NCAA's First Openly Transgender Player Set to Take the Court

Kye Allums writes history of a different sort at George Washington University.

Baseball Playoffs Unwitting Host to Police Accountability Feud

Johannes Mehserle’s dad steals airtime outside of Giants’ AT&T Park.

LeBron James: Racist "Hater" Tweets Won't Stop My Dreams

Miami Heat star declares “hater day” and shows fans the nasty tweets.

LeBron James Almost Tackles "The Race Issue"

Maybe there’s some truth to Jesse Jackson’s ‘runaway slave’ analogy.

MLB Still Refuses to Move Arizona All-Star Game

Whether or not the MLB decides to cooperate or not, players, fans, musicians and others say they’ll continue to boycott Arizona until the law is repealed.

John Amaechi: Outing Pro Athletes Won't Win Political Power

For former pro baller John Amaechi, the road to equality is far more difficult.

SB 1070 Protestors Take a Swing at Major League Baseball

Are sports a legit site of political struggle?

WNBA Draws Hiring Praise--and the President

The league consistently gets top ratings for hiring people of color and women in leadership jobs.

Black Women Don't Swim?

On public radio, we’ve been hearing a lot about how Black people and water don’t mix. Or more precisely, why so many Black people don’t swim.

Passport Flap Keeps Iroquois Out of World Lacrosse Championships

The travel restrictions that barred the Iroquois team from a major tournament in England marked the limitations, and the vitality, of tribal sovereignty.

Bud Selig Says Baseball Isn't Politics, Even in Arizona

But boycott organizers see progress: They’ve forced him to respond, if not yet act.

Readers Debate Jesse, LeBron and Runaway Slaves

Check out what the ColorLines community is saying about Jesse Jackson’s declaration that the Cavs treated LeBron James like a slave.

We Won't Play in Arizona, Say Latino Baseball All Stars

The AP reports on a growing list of players who’ve said they’ll skip next year’s All Star Game if it remains in the Grand Canyon State.

LeBron--$68 Million 'Runaway Slave'?

Jesse Jackson says the Cavs’ owner treated LeBron like his slave. Right on or too much, Jesse?

A New Low for Coverage of Women in Sports

News coverage of women’s sports has all but disappeared, a new study finds.

Looking Back on Four Weeks of World Cup Mania

Africa got screwed. Team USA tore my allegiances. Europeans blamed immigrants for losing (shocker). The refs blew it. And better Spain than the Netherlands.

World Cup: France No Match For Integration

Reaction to the team’s implosion revealed just how tense race relations have grown.

FIFA's World Cup Having a Ball With Child Labor

South Africa is the center of world this week, kicking off the

first-ever World Cup Games on the African continent. But as the cameras

pan across green fields and lavish festivities, labor activists are

keeping their eye on the ball.

According to a report on soccer ball manufacturing from the

International Labor Rights Forum (ILRF), more than a decade since the