Silicon Valley

iPhones with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram icons on them

REPORT: Social Media Giants Helped Police Track Ferguson, Baltimore Protests

The ACLU says that Facebook, Instagram and Twitter all provided user data to Geofeedia, a company whose social media montoring product was marketed to and used by law enforcement agencies to follow protestors.

Facebook Donates $250,000 in Scholarships for Coders From Underrepresented Groups

The money will cover tuition for 20 developers in the immersive Dev Bootcamp coding program. 

New Innovation Center Will Support Black and Latina Women in Tech

“We’re fundamentally changing the discussion about tech and diversity,” digitalundivided founder Kathryn Finney said when she announced the new center at South by Southwest this weekend.

WATCH: Pinterest's Tracy Chou Talks Diversity in Silicon Valley

The software engineer is best known for writing an editorial that shed light on the depth of the tech world’s problems with diversity. 

Twitter May Shake-Up Its Board To Promote Diversity

These reports come after a blog post from ex-employee Leslie Miley, who resigned from the company over its inaction on meaningful diversity initiatives. 

Controversial San Francisco Sheriff Out as Mayor Ed Lee is Reelected

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi—who faced tremendous criticism for his Sanctuary City policy and previous domestic violence convictions—was defeated in yesterday’s election. 

Reddit Says It Will Keep Policies That Curb Racist and Sexist Harassment

New Reddit CEO will not throw out the anti-harassment polices enacted under the tenure of his ousted predecessor.

Reddit's Acting CEO Ellen Pao, Who Drew Fire for Banning Racist Subreddits, Resigns

The lawyer and interim CEO of Reddit resigned from the company on Friday amidst significant controversy.  

Facebook's Latest Diversity Report Shows Little Change

The company’s latest diversity report shows little change in its percentages of white, black and Latino U.S. employees. 

Google's Latino-Targeted Domain, .SOY, Inspires Frustration, Confusion

Can the corporation do right by marketing a new top-level domain?

Streaming: Google Exec Releases Company's Race and Gender Numbers

Watch the 6pm EST livestream on PBSNewsHour

Google To Release Numbers on Employee Diversity

Will Google’s move force other tech companies to do the same?

Study: AP Computer Science Test-takers Overwhelmingly Male, White

Cultural perceptions about who’s best at tech–and access to the elite public education–are primary factors.

What Tech Startup CEO Greg Gopman Doesn't Know About SF's 'Degenerates' He Insulted

How’s about that “open discussion” you wanted, Greg Gopman?

More Evidence New York's Tech Industry is Dominated by White Men

Out of a list of the ‘Silicon Alley 100,’ a scant few are people of color or women.

How Tech Stays White

From “pattern matching” to geek aversion, racial inequity is still coded into the new economy.

Who Will Stand Behind Adria Richards? [Reader Forum]

Colorlines readers sound off on the firing of Adria Richards.

Critics Accuse CNN's Soledad O'Brien of Ignoring History of Blacks in Tech

Here’s who they missed.