Sherman Alexie

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Publisher Indefinitely Delays Release of Sherman Alexie Memoir

The Native American author faces multiple allegations of sexual harassment.

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10 Works From Indigenous Authors to Read Right Now

Writer and scholar Elissa Washuta tweeted an extensive list of books and essays from Native American writers as sexual harassment accusations mount against author Sherman Alexie.

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Sherman Alexie on Creating Contemporary Native Characters for His New Children's Book

“I try to focus on the positive stuff in the Indian world,” the writer and poet told Indian Country Today Media Network.

Michael Derrick Hudson Criticized For Using Asian Pen Name To Get Poem Published

Hudson used the pseudonymn Yi-Fen Chou to be published in an anthology called “The Best American Poetry 2015.” Now, the revelation is causing controversy in and beyond the poetry community. 

Watch: Sherman Alexie Wants His Books Banned -- Here's Why

On censorship in America

New York School Bans 'The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian'

The prize winning book has been banned at yet another school.

Toni Morrison, Sherman Alexie Among Authors on Banned Book Lists

We’re celebrating our favorite authors whose works have been banned at different points in history.