Shaun King

Native person holds brown drum and wears black hat and multicolored top in front of other native peoples in multicolored clothing and attire against blue sky

Shaun King Launches 'Injustice Boycott' Against State Violence

The New York Daily News columnist launched the first phase of the boycott in San Francsco, New York City and Standing Rock.

Red sign with white text held by White hand in crowd

Accounts of Post-Election Racist Graffiti, Harassment Pour in From Across the Country

People of color across the country are reporting racist harrassment in the immediate aftermath of Donald Trump’s victory.

Black man with fist raised surrounded by people on ground and white sign reading "Keith Lamont Scott" in black ink

READ: Shaun King Advocates Nationwide Boycott to End Police Violence

“This country is clearly willing to continue killing unarmed men, women and children without ever making any serious efforts at reforms,” King writes. “This economic boycott can change that.”

White police car with green and gold lettering

14 Must-Read Reactions to Baton Rouge Police Shooting

Shaun King: “Blaming the #BlackLivesMatter Movement for violence would be like blaming libraries for illiteracy rates or fire departments for fires.”

FBI Cracks San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone, Drops Suit Against Apple

Many cricitized the FBI over concerns of privacy violations.

ICYMI: You Must Read the Letter Activists of Color Wrote to Support Apple Against the FBI

Signed by Shaun King, Opal Tometi and others, the letter criticizes the FBI’s insistence that Apple remove security protections to investigate suspects’ Apple products. 

Cam Newton Criticized For Walking Out of Post-Super Bowl Press Conference

Add the outrage at Newton’s despondency to the pile of bulls**t that a White player would never have to handle. 

Twins? NYPD Used Photo of Australian Designer for James Blake Arrest, Not Alleged Identity Thief

New evidence presented by journalist Shaun King adds to the increasingly controversial portrait of tennis star James Blake’s treatment at the hands of the NYPD.