sexual violence

CeeLo Booted From Military Base Performance

But don’t feel too bad for him.

Hundreds of Teens Behind Bars Report Sexual Assaults by Staffers

Rape and sexual assault are frighteningly prevalent in the juvenile justice system.

Senate Approves Defense Bill That Authorizes Abortions at Military Facilities

In 2010 alone, there were at least 19,000 intra-military sexual assaults, according to the Defense Department.

The Big Military Story No One Wants to Talk About Right Now: Rape

The General Petraeus sex scandal is all the rage. But we need to focus our attention on how the military is handling routine rape and retaliation against survivors in service.

Rape in Haiti: The Aftershocks Continue

A year and a half later, squalid camps remain the only homes for hundreds of thousands of people, and reports of sexual violence inside them are rising.

The NY Post Makes DSK's Alleged Rape Victim an AIDS Predator

In its lust for a salacious scoop, Rupert Murdoch’s chronically race-baiting tabloid has made both the alleged victim and her community into the villains.

Lara Logan Speaks on Sexual Assault

It’s an important time to tackle the real threat of violence that many women, especially those of color, face while reporting abroad.

Alabama Senate Apologizes to Recy Taylor for 1944 Rape Case

Taylor’s case has been a symbol of the sexual violence black women suffered for decades.

Recy Taylor Gets a Personal Sorry, But No Apology From Alabama

The 91-year-old’s family still wants a formal apology for the failure to investigate and prosecute her rapists for nearly 70 years.

After Cleveland, Texas: Eight Ways Black Men Can Fight Rape

Anti-rape activist Dr. R’Leureux Lewis gives black men simple (and not-so-simple) ways to interrupt rape culture–and break down the negative stereotypes that help fuel it.

Federal Civil Rights Suit Challenges Louisiana's Felony Sex Work Law

Jordan Flaherty follows up on last year’s report of an archaic anti-gay law that puts sex workers in child molestation registries.

Recy Taylor May Finally See Alabama Acknowledge Her 1944 Rape

She was one of literally uncounted black women who were assaulted without justice in Jim Crow’s South.

The Gang Rape of a Latina 6th Grader, and a Horrific Community Response

Eighteen black boys and men are accused of gang-raping an 11-year-old Latina in this small East Texas town. What now?

Antoine Dodson Endorses "Sex Offender Tracker" App

It’s a nasty business, but Dodson continues to show savvy in exploiting his Internet fame.

Military Women's Reproductive Rights Under Seige

The Pentagon has long kept service women under the grip of draconian restrictions on abortion services.

Groups Press Justice Department on Prison Rape

Groups call for an end to the culture of impunity that looms over the incarcerated.

"Culture" Cop-Out Won't Stop Rape in Eastern Congo

The brutal war in eastern Congo has become synonymous with rape as a military tactic. Sensationalism combines with subrosa racism to dull the international response.