Sexual Health

All NYC Public Middle and High Schools Will Now Have Sex-Ed

New York City Mayor Bloomberg launches sex-ed program that includes safe-sex lessons in NYC public schools.

Advocates Pick Apart Will.I.Am's Pathetic View on Women and Condoms

Kelle Terrell at The Body calls the rapper out for his terribly misguided approach to sexual health.

I Am HIV Positive and I Don't Blame Anybody--Including Myself

How shared responsibility for AIDS epidemic will save all of our lives.

CDC Study Shows Teen Pregnancy About Education, Not Race

High rates among all races are clumped in the South, where comprehensive sex ed is rare.

Clock Ticks on Stopping Abortion Ban in Insurance Pools

The administration is poised to impose an unprecedented abortion restriction on some of the sickest uninsured women in the country.

Is Environmental Injustice Morphing Little Girls' Bodies?

The latest research suggests an array of social and environmental factors may be causing girls bodies to develop prematurely, especially girls of color.

Will Obama's AIDS Plan Reach Out to Black Women?

In Obama’s new HIV/AIDS plan, it’s crucial to channel resources into research, prevention, education and treatment for the most vulnerable.

Pregnant Women Dying in New York

This year, maternal health advocates got the heartening news that the death rate of women in childbirth was declining worldwide, while the rate of child survival was improving ahead of earlier projections.

Reaching Puberty Early

Environmental factors are putting Black girls at risk.