Sex Work

New York State Capitol Building

New York State Prepares to Decriminalize Sex Work

A new bill aims to protect sex workers, particularly immigrant and trans workers of color.

A toddler wearing a blue shirt rests their ear against a pregnant womans belly who is wearing a green shirt. The picture is collaged over a red background.

New Children's Book Shatters Monolithic Depictions of Motherhood

Juniper Fitzgerald and Elise Peterson’s new picture book, ‘How Mamas Love Their Babies,’ shows the many ways that mothers use their bodies to take care of and love their children.

ICYMI: Margaret Cho Reveals Her Past as a Sex Worker In 10 Tweets

“I know that it’s a job that’s needlessly shunned by society when frankly we should be worshipped.”

New Study Debunks Myths of NYC's LGBT Youth Who Trade Sex For Survival

It’s the first in a series of reports that take an in-depth look at who’s living on New York City’s streets and how they’re surviving.