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REPORT: Black Men Sentenced to Substantially Longer Time in Prison Than Whites

The data suggests that judges’ racial bias is to blame.

U.S. President Barack Obama walks out of the White House before boarding Marine One and departing to Louisiana August 23, 2016, in Washington, DC. Obama will survey historic flooding that has damaged more almost 70,000 homes and killed at least 13 people.

Faith Leaders Press President Obama to Pardon Immigrants, Nonviolent Offenders

PICO National Network: “Responding in this moment means raising our voices in support of vulnerable families and pushing President Obama to use his powers to protect those who will be most impacted when he leaves office.”

Brian Banks on left with white jersey and red lettering, Brock Turner mugshot on right with white sweatshirt and brown background

Brian Banks on Brock Turner's Sexual Assault Sentence: 'It's a Case Of Privilege'

Banks, a former football player who served six years in prison after being convicted for a now-recanted sexual assault, spoke to the New York Daily News about how the ex-Stanford University student’s lenient sentence embodies White privilege.

Five Prison Reform Ideas Being Ignored on Capitol Hill

There’s no shortage of ideas for fixing the damage done by decades of drug war.

The Next Battle for Crack Cocaine Sentence Reform? Congress

Not every crack cocaine offender will have their sentence reduced. Here’s why.

Justice Revisited! Crack Sentencing Reform Applies to Old Convictions

The U.S. Sentencing Commission voted to retroactively apply Congress’ 2010 reform to drug convictions.

Obama Signs Drug Sentencing Reform Into Law

Reform advocates say the compromise bill is a first step to closing massive racial disparities in incarceration.

Push to Fix Drug Laws Before Congress' Summer Break

A compromise bill awaiting House attention would reduce, but not get rid of the crack-powder cocaine disparity.