Scott Walker

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Federal Court Strikes Down Wisconsin Voter ID Law

The ACLU argued that the law prevents poor people of color from voting.

State Governors Defy President, Attempt to Forbid Syrian Refugees

Governors of Michigan, Texas, Alabama and other states seek to prevent Syrian refugee settlement following the Paris bombings. 

Judge Halts Wisconsin's Toughest-in-the-Nation Voter ID Law

One researcher found 220,000 people in the state don’t have the ID now necessary to vote. A judge has blocked the law pending a full trial, meaning it won’t be in play by the state primary next month.

Wisconsin Democrats to File 1 million Signatures for Governor Walker Recall

Walker’s decision revealed an important truth: Inequity starts with people of color, but it doesn’t stay there.

Antoine Dodson Meme Shows Up in Wisconsin Protests

He’s back! And this time it’s in the name of worker’s rights.

Thousands Protest Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's Anti-Union Attack

The newly-elected governor that progressives feared is making good on his promises to do away with worker’s rights.