A man waves down to rescue crew as he tries to leave the area after he was inundated with flooding from Hurricane Harvey on August 28, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Flooded Coastal Communities No Safer After Being Rebuilt With FEMA Dollars

A failure to consider climate change guarantees that towns and residents stay vulnerable in post-hurricane recovery efforts.

In this July 30, 2015, image, researchers found evidence that a white dwarf star may have ripped apart a planet as it came too close. The field of astronomy and planetary science subjects women of color to the most workplace harassment in the field.

STUDY: Women of Color Astronomers Face Most Racism, Sexism at Work in Field

Nearly 30 percent feel unsafe in the profession because of racism.  

A street floods as a powerful storm moves across Southern California on February 17, 2017, in Sun Valley, California. After years of severe drought, heavy winter rains came to the state.

STUDY: 3 Ways Climate Change Will Have Unequal Economic Impacts Across US

Poor people of color will experience the worst of it.

Science Experts Of Color Discuss STEM's Implicit Racial Bias in Candid Reddit AMA

Black scholars answered Redditors’ questions about how structural racism impacts people of color working in the hard sciences.

Only 74 Black Women Hold PhDs in Physics. She’s Raising Money to Make it 75.

LaNell Williams is hoping to raise $3,000 to get to the Fisk-Vanderbilt program this fall 

Study: AP Computer Science Test-takers Overwhelmingly Male, White

Cultural perceptions about who’s best at tech–and access to the elite public education–are primary factors.

Hip-Hop Meets Science at a High School in the Bronx

Columbia Professor Dr. Chris Emdin is piloting an innovative approach to science curriculum at Bronx Compass High School.

Watch This Adorable Video From Crazy Aunt Lindsey

And teach your kids to make butter in the process!

First Latina to Send Hello Kitty (Almost) Into Space

Lauren Rojas of Antioch, Calif., wanted to test the effects of altitute on air pressure and temperature for school.

Can a Black Girl Be the Next Steve Jobs?

A new Oakland-based non-profit thinks so. And it’s breaking down the “brogrammer” stereotype, one website at a time.