Activists Want Rent Relief For NYC Residents Without Power Post-Sandy

With 77,000 residents, the New York City Housing Authority is the nation’s biggest public landlord.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Visits Day Laborers Working in Sandy Relief [Video]

She expressed her support for their sacrifice and contribution as they work to rebuild their communities.

NY's Rikers Island Inmates Paid 39 Cents Per Hour to Work in Sandy Recovery

There was no Hurricane Sandy evacuation plan for inmates inside New York City’s main jail complex on Riker’s Island but they were certainly put to work in the recovery efforts.

Undocumented Can Apply for FEMA Sandy Relief Through Citizen Kids

If history repeats itself undocumented immigrants will be a large part of Hurricane Sandy recovery efforts but they themselves won’t qualify for financial assistance from FEMA.

What Hurricane Sandy Should Teach Us About Climate Justice

Those who can least bear the brunt of climate change are those feeling its consequences most acutely, both in the U.S. and abroad. But both the “climate gap” and climate change are fixable.

The National Disaster Seen in New York's Income Inequality

Where we go from here needs to be a major focus of whomever wins tomorrow’s elections.

American Indian Tribes Come Together to Help Sandy-Hit Shinnecock Indian Nation

The Shinnecock Indian Nation, a self-governing tribe residing along the shores of Eastern Long Island that was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy, is scheduled to receive some much needed assistance from the Seminole Tribe of Florida.

NY Daily News Reporter Live-Tweeting Alleged Looter Arraignments of People 'Stealing Essentials'

According to one of Yaniv’s tweets, defense lawyers points out that “most alleged Coney Island looters are either students or people with jobs who has little or no priors.”

NYC's Chinatown Devastated After Sandy, Advocates Say Race to Blame

What happens if you’re not Wall Street or Times Square post-Sandy.

Staten Island Residents Refused to Help Black Mom as Sandy Swept Sons Away

Connor and Brandon Moore, ages 4 and 2, are believed to be Hurricane Sandy’s youngest victims.

Starving New Yorkers in East Village Forced to Dumpster Dive

New Yorkers on food stamps have especially been hit hard because they can’t pay for food,

Bloomberg's Back-to-Work Imperative After Sandy Is the Broader Disaster

You don’t show resilience by insisting on business as usual. You show it by stopping to support everyone in need, so we can all recover. But the billionaire mayor still doesn’t get it.

Without Electricity, New Yorkers on Food Stamps Can't Pay for Food

New Yorkers with electronic benefit cards (EBT) go hungry because they can’t swipe their cards at shops with no electricity.

Northeast Tribal Lands Hit Hard by Hurricane Sandy

Northeastern tribes say they need both federal and non-governmental agencies to help with recovery efforts after Hurricane Sandy.

Watch Romney Refuse to Answer Questions About Defunding FEMA 11 Times

Is Romney Serious About Defunding FEMA? No one knows.

Maryland Readies for Hurricane Sandy's Impact on Early Voting

Early voting is critical to the black vote, but with two fewer days in Maryland’s early voting schedule, it could have far-reaching effects on the state’s future.

Bush's Heckuva-Job FEMA Director Criticizes Obama For Responding to Sandy 'So Quickly'

Former FEMA Director Michael Brown, who faced a great deal of backlash for the Bush administration’s handling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005, is back in the headlines.

Who's Going to Fix NYC Subways After Hurricane Sandy? Public Workers

It’s time to thank your transit workers. Here’s why.

Atlantic City Mayor Wants To Meet Chris Christie 'Mano-A-Mano'

During a press conference Monday, Republican Governor Christie, called the Democratic mayor “a rogue mayor” who’s “impossible to work with.”

In Haiti, Officials Fear Rising Food Prices and Increase in Cholera Cases

Almost three years after an earthquake devastated Haiti, the country now faces another threat after Hurricane Sandy.