Sanctuary Cities

A red and white "vote" sign is in the foreground, with a voter walking to the polls in the distance.

Tucson Voters Say 'No' to Becoming Arizona's Only Sanctuary City

Proposition 205 also sought to add restrictions around police questioning residents about their immigration status.

A small boy holds a dinosaur and stands next to his father, who wears a gray jacket. They are standing in a crowded bus station in Tucson, Arizona.

Tucson to Vote on Becoming Arizona's Only Sanctuary City

If Prop 205 passes, new restrictions would be implemented around police questioning residents on immigration status.

A is man wearing a striped shirt as he carries a child from and they descend a hill, just before crossing the U.S.-Mexico border fence and turning themselves in to the U.S. Border Patrol, on December 16, 2018.

House Rep Says There's No Legal Way to Send Immigrants to Sanctuary Cities

Mississippi Representative Bennie Thompson shoots down the Trump administration’s proposal.

Sanctuary city Chicago

Department of Justice Threatens Jurisdictions That Don't Cooperate With Immigration Officials

The agency warns that it will pull federal money unless sanctuary jurisdictions prove compliance with federal immigration laws.

Dreamers protest

Dizzying Week of Dialogue Over Immigration Still Leaves Democrats and Republicans Far Apart

The White House fumes over DACA ruling, while Congress debates a deal for Dreamers and comprehensive reform.

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Judge Blocks Trump's Order to Withhold Federal Funds From Sanctuary Cities

“This case is a check on the president’s abuse of power, which is exactly what the framers of the Constitution had in mind.”

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DOJ Issues $98 Million in Grants to Hire More Police Officers

Municipalities that agreed to help the federal government detain immigrants received special consideration for funding.

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Deportations Are Down, But Immigration Arrests Are Up 43 Percent

And Immigration and Customs Enforcement just wrapped up a four-day raid of sanctuary cities.

Woman, flanked by young men, holds sign that reads: "#SancturaryEverywhere."

New DOJ Memo Retreats From Administration's Original Position on Penalizing Sanctuary Cities

But the Trump Administration may find other ways to attack sanctuary cities—and the proposed 2018 fiscal year budget might be one of them.

Immigrants walk handcuffed after the U.S. Border Patrol caught them illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border on December 7, 2015, near Rio Grande City, Texas.

ACLU Issues Texas Travel Advisory Following Sanctuary City Ban

The group is worried about law enforcement racial profiling.

ICYMI: Texas Governor Greg Abbott Signed a Bill to Outlaw Sanctuary Cities in the State

Senate Bill 4, which goes into effect on September 1,  punishes cities, counties, elected officials and campuses that don’t collaborate with federal immigration enforcement. It also makes it a criminal offense for police chiefs or sheriffs to violate the ban.

Woman, flanked by young men, holds sign that reads: "#SancturaryEverywhere."

REPORT: Local Policies Often Make 'Sanctuary City' Label Meaningless

Fair Punishment Project’s Jessica Brand: “If mayors truly want to protect immigrants from deportation, they need to act swiftly to end harmful criminal justice practices that criminalize poverty.”

Federal Judge Delivers Another Blow to Trump's Immigration Policies

A federal judge in California has blocked the Trump Administration’s efforts to withhold federal funding from self-designated sanctuary cities.

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Jeff Sessions: No More DOJ Funding for Sanctuary Cities

The attorney general says his agency will withhold funding from cities that don’t cooperate with federal immigration agents.

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#SanctuaryCampus Protests Demand Safe Havens for Undocumented Students Across Country

The protests emerged in response to Donald Trump’s committment to cutting federal funding to sanctuary cities and deporting millions of undocumented immigrants.

People holding black blue and gold "Cosecha" sign and other signs and blue Donald Trump drawing while wearing Black shirts in front of crowd against grey and black Manhattan skyscrapers

Undocumented Students, Allies Hold Nationwide #SanctuaryCampus Protests

In the shadow of Donald Trump’s pledge to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and crack down on sanctuary cities, students at schools across the country are planning walk-outs and other actions to demand their campuses remain safe for undocumented people.

Seattle Mayor Ed Murray (left) shakes hands with Hillary Clinton, whom he had just endorsed, during a rally March 22, 2016, in Seattle, Washington. The mayor is standing with his city's status as a sanctuary city despite Donald Trump winning the election.

Seattle Mayor Says City Will Remain Sanctuary City Despite Trump Presidency

The president-elect promises to end funding to these safe havens for undocumented immigrants.

Philadelphia is Officially a Sanctuary City—Again

Under order from new mayor Jim Kenney, Philadelphia will once again halt most collaboration between local police and Immigration and Customs Enforcement. 

Controversial San Francisco Sheriff Out as Mayor Ed Lee is Reelected

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi—who faced tremendous criticism for his Sanctuary City policy and previous domestic violence convictions—was defeated in yesterday’s election. 

Mass. Mayor to Bobby Jindal: 'Come and Get Me'

The mayor of Somerville, Massachusetts, went after GOP candidate Jindal over the comments he made saying that mayors of sanctuary cities should be imprisoned.