Same Sex Marriage

Ex-Marine Calls on People of Color to Back Same-Sex Marriage

Marquell Smith helped repeal Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and is now turning his attention towards another LGBT cause.

Southern LGBT Activists' Call: Marry the Movement

Watch this adorable love letter to the LGBTQ movement.

The Sights and Sounds of Love: Celebrating Gay Marriage

The fight for LGBT equity is far from over. But today, let’s celebrate love.

DOMA Ruling Clears Path for Binational Couples

In striking down the DOMA, the Supreme Court also settles a hotly debated issue immigration reform: should LGBT US citizens be allowed to sponsor their partners for green cards.

Yes, the court says.

Marriage Is Great, But Many LGBT People of Color Need Job Safety

Despite aspirational images in popular media, the community’s real economic profile reveals the cost of perfectly legal job discrimination.

Senate Immigration Bill Will Shut Out Same-Sex Couples

The immigration reform bill from the Senate Gang of Eight appears unlikely to include language that would allow gay and lesbian citizens to petition for green cards for their non-citizen partners.

HRC Apologizes for Mistreating Trans and Immigrant Activists

The Human Rights Campaign today was the last group to issue an apology for what they referred to as “two unfortunate incidents at the United for Marriage event at the Supreme Court last week.”

The Familiar and False Argument That Gay Rights 'Shut Out' Other Civil Rights

Once again, with gay rights in the news, a black commentator tries to talk a fake debate into existence.

10 Powerful Images of Protesters at This Week's Gay Marriage Hearing

Supporters of gay marriage have been outside of the court to witness what could precipitate historic changes in how same-sex couples are treated under the law.