Russell Simmons

After 'Compton' Success, Will We See A Def Jam Biopic?

According to reports, Universal is looking at the success of “Straight Outta Compton” and considering a biopic on Def Jam Records. 

Dave Chappelle: Political Artists 'Are Very Relevant and Necessary' During 'Emotionally-Charged Time'

The legendarily transgressive comic and writer spoke about creative responsibility and slammed “Key and Peele” during his remarks at the Art For Life benefit in Long Island this weekend. 

Steve McQueen Working With Russell Simmons on HBO Drama

The drama explores a young black man’s experiences navigating New York City’s high society.

Russell Simmons: 'I've Done More For Blacks in Fashion and Gay Rights' Than André Leon Talley'

Fighting words on Twitter.

Russell Simmons is Working With Harriet Tubman's Family on Documentary

And the plot thickens.

Six Facts About Harriet Tubman That Have Nothing to Do With Russell Simmons

Tubman’s life has inspired countless works for art, including poems, comic books, and films.

Russell Simmons Apologizes for Harriet Tubman Sex Tape

Because apparently slavery is funny now?

Russell Simmons Says 'White Bread Dynasty Was in Full Effect' at Oscars

Hip-hop pioneer and entrepreneur Russell Simmons published a scathing critique of the film industry Friday and said the problem with those funding movies “is that while they believe in the concept of an all-inclusive, post-racial America, they don’t trust in it enough to bank on it.”