Riri Williams

Illustration of RiRi Williams in magenta and yellow superhero outfit in front of blue sky with white clouds and underneath orange headline text

Eve Ewing Tells Superhero Riri Williams' Story in Marvel's 'Ironheart'

The writer draws on her Chicago expertise to pen the series about the brilliant Black teenage girl who takes up Iron Man’s mantle.

Split image of (on left) a comic cover with two smiling Black women against crowd in brown-floored and -walled room; (right) Black woman with blonde dreadlocks in blue denim and white cropped t-shirt, holding brown and white coffee cup

This Pioneering Comic Shop Owner Gets Her Own Marvel Cover

Ariell Johnson, the founder of Philadelphia’s Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse, is the only Black woman to own a comics shop on the East Coast.

Riri Williams in red shirt with glowing red orb in center of body

Marvel's New Iron Man Is Riri Williams—A Black Woman

In a new interview with Time, Marvel writer and character creator Brian Michael Bendis described some fans’ racist reactions to Riri Williams.