Reza Aslan

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Issa Rae's Color Creative, Reza Aslan's BoomGen Studios Receive Pop Culture Collaborative Grants

The grants support organizations, artists and activists advancing multi-dimensional narratives about people of color in entertainment.

WATCH: Linda Sarsour, Ibtihaj Muhammad and More Discuss Why They Wear Hijab

The activist and Olympian star in the latest episode of “The Secret Life of Muslims.”

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WATCH: Reza Aslan Explains Why We Need a Muslim 'Modern Family'

“Stories have the power to break through the walls that separate us into different ethnicities, different cultures, nationalities, races and religions. They hit us at the human level.”

Does Bill Maher Think I Might Kill Him?

Writer Waleed Shahid, a Muslim who was 10 on September 11, 2001, says fearmongering by broadcasters such as Bill Maher creates a dangerous climate for Muslim Americans.

ICYMI: On CNN, Reza Aslan Teaches 10-Minute Seminar on Bigotry

Never good when the words “facile” and “stupid” are used