Reproductive Rights

The United States Supreme Court

What The Latest Reproductive Rights Case Before the Supreme Court Means For Women

NIFLA v. Becarra has the potential to radically alter what anti-abortion medical centers can tell women.

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House Dem Introduces Legislation to Abolish Discriminatory Wing of HHS

The bill targets the recently formed Conscience and Religious Freedom division in the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights.

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New Jersey Governor Authorizes Two Laws That Expand Access to Reproductive Health

Governor Phil Murphy restored funding for Planned Parenthood and increased Medicaid eligibility for family planning services.

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Planned Parenthood Launches Campaign to Advance Reproductive Rights Legislation in All 50 States

“We need to do more than just fight against the bad policies—now is the time to push for good ones.”

READ: Black Woman in Mississippi Charged With Second-Degree Murder After Stillbirth

Advocates fear this is the latest in a trend of women of color being criminalized for their pregnancy outcomes.

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New Billboard Campaign Counters 'Abortion Reversal' Misinformation

The Abortion Care Network put up billboards in the San Francisco Bay Area in response to the state nursing board’s recent approval of a course on medication abortion “reversal.”

Senate Rejects Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks

“This vote served as a useless exercise to unsuccessfully undermine the rights of pregnant individuals.”

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ICYMI: Trump Administration Creates New Division to Protect 'Conscience Rights' of Providers

Advocates argue that the new ‘Conscience and Religious Freedom’ division of the Office of Civil Rights will allow broad discrimination against women and LGBT people.

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Why Immigration Status Has a Bigger Impact on Reproductive Rights Than You Think

On the 45th anniversary of the passage of Roe v. Wade, non-citizen immigrant women find themselves facing increasingly difficult options.

Campaign Aims to Give California Public University Students Full Access to Reproductive Care

The justCARE campaign introduced legislation that would improve access to medication abortion for public university students.

Line graph depicting the number of pro and anti-reproductive rights state laws passed in 2017

New Study Shows a Historic Increase in Laws Supportive of Reproductive Rights in 2017

But with slightly more anti-choice state laws also enacted last year, it’s an increasingly divided climate going into 2018.

Memphis Planned Parenthood Clinic Focusing on Latinx Outreach Opens Next Door to an ICE Office

The organization was aware of ICE’s location when they purchased the building, but were under the impression that ICE would be moving.

READ: What It's Like When You Want an Abortion But Can't Afford It

A new Fusion piece tells the side by side stories of two women who didn’t want to be pregnant. But only one of them could afford to pay for the procedure.

In a New Memoir, Dr. Willie Parker Pushes for a 'New Theology of Abortion'

In “Life’s Work,” abortion provider, activist and Christian Willie Parker takes a bold stance on the moral imperative for safe and legal abortion.

Senate Republicans Roll Back a Rule That Kept the Government From Denying Certain Healthcare Providers Family Planning Dollars

In a narrow vote yesterday, in which Vice President Pence had to come break the tie, the Senate reversed an Obama-era rule preventing states from denying federal family planning money to providers like Planned Parenthood.

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Activists Deliver 510,000+ Signatures Ahead of Health and Human Services Nominee Hearing

Congressman Tom Price wants to defund Planned Parenthood.

Today Marks 40 Years of Hyde Amendment Hell

The Hyde Amendment, the deliberately anti-choice law that prohibits government-funded health insurance such as Medicaid from covering most abortions, turns 40 today. 

Purvi Patel Released From Prison After Feticide Conviction Overturned

After serving more than 18 months in prison for feticide and neglect of a dependent, Patel is free.

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Dr. Willie Parker is Putting Himself on the Line to Provide Abortions in the Deep South

“Reproductive justice is my world view and my outlook,” says Parker, who left a successful career in obstetrics to provide abortions to mostly low-income women of color in the Deep South.

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ICYMI: Purvi Patel's Feticide Conviction Overturned

Indian-American Purvi Patel was sentenced to 20 years in prison in 2015 for allegedly self-inducing an abortion. On July 22, the Indiana Court of Appeals vacated the feticide conviction.