Wide shot of large group of casually dressed Black people at a barbecue in a grassy field.

Advocacy Groups On the Importance of Celebrating Juneteenth

“The relative obscurity of Juneteenth in our national dialogue serves as a reminder that White supremacy is still entrenched in how Americans understand our history—and its impact on the present.”

A White man brands an enslaved African woman

Even More on Reparations: Watch This Forum Featuring Leading Activists, Live

The ACLU-sponsored gathering includes Dr. Ron Daniels, convener of National African American Reparations Commission, Kamm Howard, a co-chairperson of NCOBRA, Danny Glover and more. 

Sheila Jackson Lee. Black woman with goddess braid crown in yelow jacket with black and white details sits behind a microphone.

LIVESTREAM: House Hearing on Reparations

The House Committee on the Judiciary hears testimony on the path to restorative justice for Black people in America.

Gold, black and white logo featuring images of a safety pin, gift box and a fist

A New Subscription Service Aims to Give White Allies a Way to Do More Than Rocking Safety Pins

Created by two Black women activists, The Safety Pin Box is a monthly service for White allies meant to replace the symbolic gesture of wearing a safety pin with tasks and financial contributions to Black women.

Blue-tinted illustration of a pastoral scene with the following printed on it in white lettering: "Georgetown Unversity: Slavery, Memory and Reconciliation"

World Reacts to Georgetown's Decision to Extend Preference to Descendants of Slaves

“If descendants of Georgetown slaves deserve compensation, why don’t all Black Americans?”

girl in white dress and green visor stands next to two black, red and yellow signs

New Website Lets People of Color Request Reparations From White Folks’s creator Natasha Marin: “It’s about reparations for things that happened earlier today, for yesterday, for last Thursday.”

Yellow text on grayscale background reads: “A Vision for Black Lives: Policy Demands for Black Power, Freedom and Justice.”

READ: The Movement for Black Lives' Policy Platform

“Black humanity and dignity requires Black political will and power.”

Georgetown Reckons With Slave Trading Past

The Jesuit university sold 272 slaves in 1838. Officials used the money to pay off debt and establish the school’s storied place in higher education. 

U.N. Working Group Says U.S. Should Pay Black Americans Reparations

“Past injustices and crimes against African Americans need to be addressed with reparatory justice.”

Killer Mike Claps Back at Ta-Nehisi Coates Over Bernie Sanders Criticism

The rapper and activist tweeted reactions to Coates’ piece in The Atlantic, which criticized Sanders’ position on reparations. 

Crowdfunding Campaign Asks White People to Pay for Therapy to Combat Impact of Racism

The campaign cites research that shows the impact racism has on the health of people of color.

Jamaica Renews Calls for Reparations from United Kingdom

Jamaican officials are renewing calls for reparations from the United Kingdom to coincide with British Prime Minister David Cameron’s visit to the former British colony. 

Chicago Reparations, Brits Vote, Atmospheric CO2 Hits New Record

Some of Thursday’s big stories

Chicago Police Torture Victims To Receive $5.5 Million in Reparations

Is it enough?

Azealia Banks' Pride and Prejudice

Azealia talks to Playboy about race, reparations, talking proper–and using slurs.

Racist E-mails Aren't the Worst Thing in the DOJ's Ferguson Report

The city of Ferguson effectively stole from working-class and poor African-Americans. Can they recoup the loss?

Ta-Nehisi Coates Talks About Why America's Stuck in Segregation

The author joined a panel at the Schomberg Center to make his case for reparations.

The Economic Case for Reparations

There is a strong rationale for reparations grounded in airtight economic principals at the heart of the free market system: access to capital.

Video: Ta-Nehisi Coates Talks White Supremacy and Reparations

The writer explains why honest conversations about history can lead to better policy today.

Watch: Video Teaser for Ta-Nehisi Coates' Case for Reparations

“White folks created the ghetto.”