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Digital Justice Experts Answer Your #NetNeutrality Rollback Questions

Representatives from the Center for Media Justice, Fight for the Future and other organizations leading the fight for internet freedom hosted a Reddit Ask Me Anything session to address the rollback of net neutrality rules. 

Two Black men face each other, wearing black tuxedos with white shirts and black sunglasses while holding black microphones against blurry purple background

T.I., Vic Mensa Criticize Lil Wayne for Black Lives Matter Comments

T.I.: “You have to get outta that bubble that you’ve been living in and get out here and educate yourself on what’s going on around us!”

Science Experts Of Color Discuss STEM's Implicit Racial Bias in Candid Reddit AMA

Black scholars answered Redditors’ questions about how structural racism impacts people of color working in the hard sciences.

This Reddit #AskMeAnything Aims to Tackle Racial Discrimination

Today is International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. Starting at 4 p.m. EST, the United Nation’s Gay McDougall will offer up real talk about the fight against racism both here and abroad.

WATCH: Pinterest's Tracy Chou Talks Diversity in Silicon Valley

The software engineer is best known for writing an editorial that shed light on the depth of the tech world’s problems with diversity. 

Reddit Says It Will Keep Policies That Curb Racist and Sexist Harassment

New Reddit CEO will not throw out the anti-harassment polices enacted under the tenure of his ousted predecessor.

Reddit's Acting CEO Ellen Pao, Who Drew Fire for Banning Racist Subreddits, Resigns

The lawyer and interim CEO of Reddit resigned from the company on Friday amidst significant controversy.  

Family Of Missing Brown Student Misidentified as Boston Bomber Issues Statement

The statement was published a Facebook page they started to help find their son.

Reddit: Sorry for Shoving Missing Student Into Boston 'Witch Hunt'

“We hope that Boston will also be where reddit learns to be sensitive of its own power,” a reedit general manager said.

Sikh Woman Teaches Reddit Users a Life Lesson in Tolerance

A college student who posted a mean spirited photo he shot of a fellow student to the online community site just got a life lesson in tolerance he’ll never forget.