Recy Taylor

Sepia image of Black woman in black-and-white patterned dress and hat in front of brown background

Watch This Harrowing New Trailer for 'The Rape of Recy Taylor'

The documentary explores how Taylor, who was kidnapped and raped by White men in Jim Crow Alabama, worked to fight sexual violence.

Alabama Senate Apologizes to Recy Taylor for 1944 Rape Case

Taylor’s case has been a symbol of the sexual violence black women suffered for decades.

Alabama House Approves Apology for Recy Taylor

Taylor’s 1944 rape stands as an iconic example of the impunity with which white men attacked black women during the Jim Crow era.

Recy Taylor Gets a Personal Sorry, But No Apology From Alabama

The 91-year-old’s family still wants a formal apology for the failure to investigate and prosecute her rapists for nearly 70 years.

Recy Taylor May Finally See Alabama Acknowledge Her 1944 Rape

She was one of literally uncounted black women who were assaulted without justice in Jim Crow’s South.

Recy Taylor, Sexual Violence, and the Horrors of Jim Crow

The stories of countless black women who were raped by white men during the civil rights era have gone overlooked entirely.