Tracy Morgan Makes Triumphant Return to Host SNL This Fall

This will be Morgan’s first major public performance since a debilitating 2014 crash, which left him with severe brain trauma and killed his mentor. 

What the U.S. Can Learn From Africa's Booming Economy

The continent may have entered a new phase in its history. How? By focusing on healthy people and local investment.

A Tale of Two Economies

Economic cheerleading of late would lead you to believe happy days are here again. Not for everybody.

The U.S. Jobs Crisis Summed Up: If You Fail To Plan, You Plan to Fail

Today’s jobs report tells most Americans already what they already know: We’re still mired in joblessness. But Imara Jones argues we should really fear the larger problem: There remains no plan for getting unstuck.

The Auto Bailout Saved Michigan--If You Don't Count Black Workers

Mitt Romney and President Obama have slugged it out over the Detroit bailout. It’s clear at this point that the bailout revived the auto industry. But thus far, it’s not been enough to heal the most ailing part of Michigan’s economy: black employment.

How Economists Tally Unemployment--and Its Affect on the Black Jobless Rate

January saw a remarkable three-point drop in black joblessness. Economists are skeptical it’s real. But why? Put on your data nerd hat, because we’ve got the explanation.

Senate Bill Would Ban Employers' Bias Against Out-of-Work Applicants

Widespread reports suggest would-be employers and placement agencies are weeding out applicants who are unemployed–leaving the long-term jobless with even fewer options.

The Racial Wealth Gap's Larger Than Ever. Here's How It Will Destroy Us

The wealth gap is now larger than it’s been since the Census Bureau began counting it. The foreclosure crisis is part of the reason, but its more symptom than cause for the building catastrophe in the U.S. economy.

June Jobs Numbers: Nightmare on Main Street, Part 2

How many times are we going to act shocked upon learning that the recessionary goblin isn’t actually dead?

Putting People Directly to Work Is "Too Radical" For Congress

Still, there really are job-creation ideas out there. Really. Here’s another one.

The Job-Creation Ideas Gathering Dust on D.C.'s Shelves

Really, they still exist. But Congress and the administration have stopped looking at them.

How the Next U.S. Economy Is Already Failing

The future that today’s young students and workers hope to build remains trapped by the inequities of yesterday and today.

Graduates, Go Forth and...Join the Unemployment Line

As millions of graduates join the workforce this summer, they enter a world in which there’s already a 4-to-1 ratio of job seekers to job openings.

A Timeline of the (Paltry) Job Creation Initiatives D.C. Has Mustered

A review of Washington’s ambitiously conceived, but conservatively created initiatives.

Want an Equitable Economy? Start Building One Based on Abundance

There’s enough wealth to go around, if we create businesses that build shared assets rather than exploit the consumption of many to enrich a few.

What's Holding Up Job Creation in Washington? Let's Find Out

Colorlines’ D.C. reporter/blogger Shani O. Hilton will spend the summer blogging out the institutional and political hurdles, and the overlooked solutions.

How To Create Crisis: Build An Economy on the Greed of the Rich

Instability always follows inequality. The technocrats know it, but our leaders still don’t care.

Backward Mobility and America's Broken Promises

The recession is wiping out the jobs, homes, and dreams of the black middle class. There’s a lesson for our whole economy in that fact.

Happy Days Are Here Again--As Long As You Ignore the Jobs Crisis

The economy’s growing, Wall Street’s rallying, and the administration says no new recession. None of that is real, says Imara Jones.

The State of Our Union Is Weak, But the 2012 Campaign Begins Now

But do we have two years to wait for real jobs investments while elections unfold?