A Day in the Shop [Photos]

Aura Bogado chronicles the work of young men training to become automotive technicians–the kinds of jobs that can lift their families out of poverty.

Is it Getting Tougher for Latinos to Own Homes?

Stricter home ownership regulations are hitting the Latino community particularly hard.

Automatic Cuts to Food Stamps Coming This Week

A scheduled $5 billion will be cut from federal SNAP benefits starting November 1.

Is This the Calm Before Another Storm? How the Economy May Get Worse, Fast

Greek austerity? Eurozone collapse? What’s this got to do with the financial slog so many communities of color are still facing in the U.S.? For starters, it could make things a lot harder, soon. Imara Jones offers a primer–and preventive steps.

Reality Returns: Huge Black Job Gains Disappear in February Report

The sudden, sharp drop in black unemployment that set economists buzzing in January appears to have in fact been so much statistical noise. The February 2012 job numbers are out and black unemployment went right back up, to 14.1 percent (roughly double that of white unemployment, a disparity that has held for decades).

The Auto Bailout Saved Michigan--If You Don't Count Black Workers

Mitt Romney and President Obama have slugged it out over the Detroit bailout. It’s clear at this point that the bailout revived the auto industry. But thus far, it’s not been enough to heal the most ailing part of Michigan’s economy: black employment.

How Economists Tally Unemployment--and Its Affect on the Black Jobless Rate

January saw a remarkable three-point drop in black joblessness. Economists are skeptical it’s real. But why? Put on your data nerd hat, because we’ve got the explanation.

House GOP's Jobless Image: Drugged Out, Lazy and in Need of a GED

That’s the picture Republicans want in voters’ minds, too, as Congress prepares for yet another brutal round of jousting over unemployment benefits.

What Drove a Sudden, Steep Drop in Black Unemployment? Nobody Knows

Black unemployment dropped a whopping 3 percent in January, fueled by hiring of black men. Economists who’ve tracked black joblessness are waiting for the other shoe to drop–was it a statistical quirk, or is there a jobs renaissance afoot in black America?

Got a Hustle to Pay Rent While Jobless? You're Part of a $1T Economy

Neither the public nor private sector is doing much to create jobs, and those that are popping up aren’t very good ones. So a lot of folks are taking matters into their own hands.

Six Cities Where Black People Are Living in a Depression

Black unemployment is at levels comparable to the Great Depression in six cities. But then again, black populations in dozens of cities were in acute recessions before the national crisis ever began. The actual numbers are striking.

Homeowners to Banks: Clean Up the Mess You Left in Our Neighborhood

Amid all the deficit and campaign talk, it’s easy to forget the foreclosure crisis continues to destroy neighborhoods. Community organizers in East Oakland got fed up and delivered the dirty problem to its source.

Key Question of 2012: Do You Represent the People or the Banks?


president vowed to make the rich “pay their fair share.” Let’s hope he’s serious. But either way, a new campaign launches today to make sure both parties must care as much about homeowners and workers as they do bankers in 2012.

How Does the American Jobs Act Stand Up for People Of Color?

While some have a lukewarm reaction to the president’s proposal, others say that elements of the plan could pay off for those who’ve been hardest hit by the bad economy.

Stocks Are Down! Obama's Unpopular! Wait, Who Cares?!

Another dismal monthly jobs report and another round of all the wrong questions and concerns. Meanwhile, millions of people continue fighting for survival.

D.C. Gets Back to Work--and to Its Lame, Half-Hearted Jobs Debate

House GOP leaders will roll out more so-called jobs ideas this week, in anticipation of the president’s expected proposals next week. None of it is expected to meet the scale of the problem.

Is Your Credit Report Hurting Your Job Search?

A growing number of employers are using credit checks to determine who they hire, promote and fire. Learn how race factors in–and what you can do about it.

The Fed's Bombshell: Our Economy's Dead Until Congress Creates Jobs

After months of debate over the nation’s debt, the central bank’s unprecedented interest rates announcement this week was entirely about the jobs crisis. The subtext was clear: politics, not economics stand in the way of recovery.

The Racial Wealth Gap's Larger Than Ever. Here's How It Will Destroy Us

The wealth gap is now larger than it’s been since the Census Bureau began counting it. The foreclosure crisis is part of the reason, but its more symptom than cause for the building catastrophe in the U.S. economy.

Thousands Rush for Low-Income Housing Vouchers in Dallas

For at least the second time in recent memory, chaos breaks out as families scramble to apply for affordable housing. It’s yet another sign of the country’s deteriorating safety net.