Gabrielle Union in white dress against red, beige and blue background

Gabrielle Union Understands Why You Might Skip 'The Birth of a Nation'

Union, who is featured in the movie, says she sympathizes with those who opted not to see it in reaction to director Nate Parker’s 1999 rape case and his handling of the fallout.

Nate Parker in navy button-down against brown background

Nate Parker Talks Rape Case in '60 Minutes,' 'Good Morning America' Interviews

In the run up to “The Birth of a Nation’s” premiere this Friday, director Nate Parker addressed his infamous 1999 rape trial in two separate television interviews, declaring his innocence and his desire to shift attention toward the film.

Black woman in black-and-white film

Spike Lee Revisits 'She's Gotta Have It' for Upcoming Netflix Series

The series, based on Lee’s first feature-length film, comes a month after the movie’s 30th anniversary.

Gabrielle Union in black patterned dress

Gabrielle Union Hopes Nate Parker Case, Movie Will 'Open Up The Conversation'

Union, an actress and rape survivor who stars in “The Birth of a Nation,” addressed her co-star Nate Parker’s 1999 case in a candid new op-ed.

Harry Belafonte in black tuxedo with blue background; Nate Parker in black tuxedo with orange background

Harry Belafonte, Penn State Alums Stand By Nate Parker

“It’s interesting because it’s coming out the same time the film’s coming out,” said Belafonte of the renewed attention to Parker and Jean Celestin’s 1999 rape trial. 

Nate Parker in beige suit and white shirt with dark striped tie

From Support to Horror, The World Reacts to Nate Parker's Resurrected Sexual Assault Case

Revived focus on a 17-year-old sexual assault case involving Parker and his “The Birth of a Nation” co-writer Jean Celestin—and the revelation that their accuser took her own life in 2012—has initiated a public conversation about rape and race.

Brian Banks on left with white jersey and red lettering, Brock Turner mugshot on right with white sweatshirt and brown background

Brian Banks on Brock Turner's Sexual Assault Sentence: 'It's a Case Of Privilege'

Banks, a former football player who served six years in prison after being convicted for a now-recanted sexual assault, spoke to the New York Daily News about how the ex-Stanford University student’s lenient sentence embodies White privilege.

7 Women Sue Oklahoma City for Not Stopping Convicted Rapist, Ex-Cop Daniel Holtzclaw

The suit alleges that the city and police force ignored previous complaints that could have taken the officer off the streets sooner.

New Book Helps Native American Girls Cope After Sexual Assault

A full 34.1 percent of Native women reports being assaulted at some point in her life.

Convicted Serial Rapist Daniel Holtzclaw Sentenced to 263 Years

Judge also rejected the former Oklahoma City police officer’s last-minute request for a new trial.

Former Oklahoma City Cop Daniel Holtzclaw Found Guilty of Raping and Assaulting Black Women

It was a surprising verdict for the officer, who was on trial for using his badge to attack 13 women and girls.

This Policy Gives Native Women Equal Access to Emergency Contraception

Just 28 percent of Indian Health Services facilities provide emergency contraception to all—even though it has been the law since 2013.

Three More Women Come Forward, Accuse Bill Cosby Of Sexual Assault

The new accusations coincide with a strange story from Kenan Thompson about his own interactions with Cosby. 

WATCH: Tisha Campbell-Martin Triumphs Over Sexual Assault In New Video

The “School Daze” and “Martin” star made an explosive return to music with “Steel Here.” 

A&E to Air Special Featuring Cosby’s Alleged Victims

The show will be broadcast tomorrow, September 17, 2015, at 9 p.m. ET.

Damon Wayans on His Defense of Bill Cosby: ‘Stop Twisting My Words’

Damon Wayans says Cosby is being targeted by media because the black community stopped supporting him.

Oklahoma Cop Held on Rape Charges Also Accused of Wrongful Death

Holtzclaw is accused of hogtying a black man ‘with malicious intent.’

CeeLo Green's TV Show 'The Good Life' Canceled Amid Rape Comments

He did this to himself.

Congress to Consider Military Rape Legislation

Military servicewomen are twice as likely to be sexually assaulted than non-military women.

'Anti-Rape Wear' Reinforces Every Rape Myth You Can Think Of

Yes, that’s right–rape-resistant underwear.