Ramarley Graham

Black woman in black jacket and red scarf holding white megaphone in front of supporters holding black and white signs with multi-colored text and an enlarged photograph of a Black man in an orange shirt

5 Years After Ramarley Graham's Death, Supporters Still Demand Justice from NYPD

Hundreds of protesters called on Mayor Bill de Blasio to fire Richard Haste, the NYPD officer who fatally shot Graham in 2012.

Protestors hold banner that says, "Rise up for Ramarley Graham"

NYPD Disciplinary Hearing Begins for Cop Who Killed Ramarley Graham

Officer Richard Haste shot the unarmed teenager in his home in February 2012.

People in multi-colored clothes surround brown podium with black microphone against brown building

After Release of Arrest Video, Ramarley Graham's Family Files FOIL Request to Uncover Truth

Graham's family and supporters say that the video, which shows a paramedic putting a sheet over Graham's face, indicates that he didn't die in the hospital where police officials said he died.

Ramarley Graham's Family, Activists Demand Accountability With #23Days4Ramarley Campaign

The actions, which started with a protest at New York’s City Hall on April 12, are one part of an ongoing campaign to seek justice for Graham's death at the hands of an NYPD officer. 

8 Questions for Constance Malcolm, Grieving Mother Turned Activist

Bronx police entered the home of 18-year-old, unarmed Ramarley Graham and shot him to death. Three years later his mother, Constance Malcolm, settled with the city for $3.9 million. Here's why she's still fighting for police accountability.

Ramarley Graham's Family Settles for $3.9M With New York City; Pledge to Pursue Justice

Unarmed teen's shooting helped galvanize New York City around stop-and-frisk reform in 2012.

Ramarley Graham's Parents Drop Off Petition, Rally For Federal Investigation

The petition has more than 33,000 signatures

What's a Union For?

For their struggling communities, young workers of color are demanding more from their unions