Racial Bias

Twitter Bias. Black man wearing all black with black baseball cap looking down at his phone and typing.

AI Used to Curb Hate on Twitter Actually Punishes Black People

“These systems are being developed to identify language that’s used to target marginalized populations online. It’s extremely concerning if the same systems are themselves discriminating against the population they’re designed to protect.”

Microphone with NFL Draft 2017 written on it

READ: Inside The NFL's Racial Politics

As football fans look forward to the start of the draft, The Undefeated examines the league’s long history of building rosters based on race.

Uber and Lyft homescreen graphics, side by side

STUDY: Uber And Lyft Drivers Discriminate Based on Passenger Race

“The study has found major areas of racial discrimination within this new industry. It’s quite concerning.”

Child's legs on a tricycle.

STUDY: Preschool Teachers Harbor Implicit Racial Bias

Black preschoolers are 3.6 times more likely to be suspended than White students.

STUDY: White Teachers Often Expect Black Students to Fail

And researchers say those low expectations frequently become self-fulfilling prophecies.

New Study Suggests Doctors Offer Dying Black Patients Poor Non-Verbal Communication

The study focuses on 33 doctors in hospitals throughout Western Pennsylvania. 

Ithaca College Students and Faculty Stage Walk Out, Call for President’s Resignation

Students around the country are forcing administrators to address the racial inequality they face on campus.

President Obama Tells Cops Why the Black Lives Matter Movement is Important

President Barack Obama: “The African-American community is not just making this up, and it’s not just something being politicized; it’s real and there’s a history behind it.”

STUDY: White People Think Men With 'Black-Sounding' Names Are Scary

Lead author Colin Holbrook: “I’ve never been so disgusted by my own data.”

ICYMI: Vox Explored Color Film and What It Does To Dark Skin

Vox created an illustrative video and insightful article about the history of color film, which was calibrated primarily for white skin, and explains the racial bias in the history of photo and video film. 

STUDY: Black Kids Less Likely than Whites to Receive Proper Pain Treatment in ER

Emergency doctors are quicker to provide effective opioid pain relief for white kids than black kids.

Study Unveils Subconscious Racial Bias in Asian, Black, White, Biracial People

Study shows that few people are actually walking around with no racial bias.

Study: For Behavioral Problems, Black Students See Cops, Whites See Docs

A new study shows that behavioral problems at school lead to criminalization for black students, and medicalization for white students.

Study Finds Sexism in STEM Hits Women of Color the Hardest

Harvard Business Review survey shows that Asian, Latino and Black women are at a much higher risk than white women for being pushed out of the STEM field by their colleagues’ biases.