Rachel Dolezal

Ijeoma Oluo, pushing up her glasses using her middle finger

The Most Important Thread on Black Women in Media That You'll Read Today

Ijeoma Oluo on her Rachel Dolezal profile: “Maybe next time pubs want a great piece on Black female identity that gets so much traffic it breaks the damn site, they’ll hire Black women.”

Deck of cards

New Card Game Questions What It Means to Be Black

Trading Races: The game where Rachel Dolezal and Rosa Parks duke it out for the sake of conversation.

We Put Drake On Some Pictures Of Rachel Dolezal, Bobby Jindal and More

Hell. Yeah. F***ing. Right. 

Rachel Dolezal Has No Regrets About How She Identifies

The former NAACP chapter head spoke about the controversy on NBC’s “The Today Show.”

Rachel Dolezal In Vanity Fair: ‘I Wouldn’t Say I’m African American, But I Would Say I’m Black'

She also says she wants to write a book

Native Feminism, White Women Passing and the Sad Tale of Andrea Smith

The Rachel Dolezal fraud has led to mainstream scrutinizing about Andrea Smith, an icon of Native American feminism long accused of being a white woman passing as Cherokee. A look at the not-new, not-easy issues right beneath the surface.

VIDEO: Maya Rudolph Premieres Hilarious Rachel Dolezal Impression

The SNL alumna debuted her impression while visiting “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” 


Here are the Literal Receipts Rachel Dolezal Billed to Spokane Taxpayers

As chair of the Police Ombudsman’s Commission, Dolezal took a trip to Oakland on the city’s dime

5 WTF Rachel Dolezal Moments

From braids to lawsuits to the n-word and more 

Top 3 Media Takedowns of Rachel Dolezal

“The Daily Show,”” The Nightly Show,”and W. Kamau Bell had some interesting things to say about this most bizzare of episodes. 

Here's Dolezal’s Full Statement Resigning as Spokane NAACP President

Bye, Rachel 

This Series of Five Rachel Dolezal 2014 Raw Interview Videos Will Absolutely Baffle You

In a series of five videos, Dolezal explains what it’s like to be a black woman. 

LIVESTREAM: Rachel Dolezal's Parents Speak on HuffPostLive

Check out the Livestream 

Read the NAACP’s Full Statement on Rachel Dolezal

The group of standing by the woman who pretends to be black

Rachel Dolezal Debacle, Strauss-Kahn Acquitted, Twitter CEO Resigns

Some of Friday’s big headlines