Proud Boys

Silver letters spell "COMCAST" under multicolored NBC logo on off-white background

Comcast Fires Proud Boy Employee After Activist Outcry

The Media Mobilizing Project and allies called on Philadelphia’s biggest corporation to fire Andrew Kovalic.

Joey Gibson: A White with a beard wearing his campaign t-shirt cheers

Will Independent Trumpists Ride Again?

Plagued by infighting and cancelled gigs, the alt-right has been quiet lately. But as we approach the first anniversary of the deadly Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, some groups are back in the streets.

Three White women in Make America Great caps, stand next to two seated White men. Directly behind them is a Black man holding up a sign advertising his Black History Month tour.

Was the Failed 'Mother of All Rallies' the Beginning of the End of Independent Trumpism?

The far-right “Mother of All Rallies” was supposed to be a giant pro-Trump event where overt shows of racism were not welcome. But the crowd was surprisingly small, neo-Nazis attended, and the entire event was overshadowed by a nearby rally of Insane Clown Posse devotees. Is this the end of the unified front that descended on Charlottesville?