prosecutorial discretion

Wesley Bell. Black man smiles and points at his "I voted" sticker.

It's a Celebration As Voters Oust Prosecutor Who Freed Michael Brown's Killer

Ferguson City Council member Wesley Bell successfully challenged St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Bob McCulloch, as organizers and voters shout #ByeBob.

Report: White Men Make Up 79% of the Elected Prosecutors Who Decide on Criminal Charges

Elected prosecutors decide when and how to bring criminal charges—and they are overwhelmingly white and male.

DREAMers Send Themselves to Detention, And Find So Many More DREAMers Behind Bars

The Obama administration refuses to follow its own deportation policies, and activists are calling the president out on it.

DREAMers Welcome Obama's Immigration Shift, But Pledge Caution

Activists have long been accustomed to being burned by Obama.

Obama: Halting DREAMers' Deportations the 'Right Thing to Do'

Obama announces a “temporary stop gap measure” to protect DREAMers from deportation for a two-year span.

BREAKING: Obama Will Halt Deportations of DREAMers

The news comes after more than a week of sit-ins in Obama’s campaign offices around the country.

After Review, ICE Puts 16K of 300K Deportation Cases on Hold

Advocates say ICE is allowing too many cases to fall through the cracks.