Woman in black t-shirt and baseball cap with flat red-and-black brim with black top and white lettering reading "Black Panther"

Journalist Kicked Off Flight for Wearing 'Black Panther' Hat, Upside-Down Flag Tee

Amanda Stevens tweeted about her experience on a United Airlines flight, later telling media that the pilot said her attire made him “uncomfortable.”

California's Drivers License for the Undocumented Carries Risks

Immigration advocates have celebrated the passage of California’s AB-60, a law that allows undocumented people to apply for drivers licenses. Still, the process can be lengthy, costly, and under rare circumstances, could lead to arrest.

Report: NYPD Spy Program Traumatized Muslim Communities

A new report documents the human impact of the NYPD’s sprawling Muslim surveillance program. Though there’s no evidence that the spying stopped acts of terrorism, the report found that it has stoked fear and mistrust in schools, neighborhoods–and mosques.

Few New Mexico Police Agencies Keeping Up With Anti-Bias Policing Law

The review conducted by two groups found that when it came to meeting basic requirements for the law, just two agencies out of the state’s 97 could say they were in compliance

Group Files Paperwork to Find Out Who Gave NYPD Money To Spy

The Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund has submitted Freedom of Information Law requests to obtain public information regarding the sources of funding for these NYPD initiatives.

Muslim Students Reeling From Shocking News of NYPD's Spying

On campuses all over the Northeast, horrified students are discovering they were targets of surveillance, simply because they joined a Muslim student group. But domestic religious profiling is now routine for both NPYD and the FBI.