Alfre Woodard and Jamie Foxx. A middle-aged Black woman with brown curly hair and Black man with short hair cut.

Alfre Woodard and Jamie Foxx On Playing Roles Set In Prisons

Foxx: “The reason I don’t want to go see somebody in jail is because I don’t want to get used to that.”

A shadow is cast of a cell door of a male prison on March 15, 2017, in Wrexham, Wales.

READ: How Prisons Are Affected By Climate Change

Across the country, incarcerated men and women’s lives are in danger as a result of facilities’ environmental violations.

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This Organization Makes the Case for Prisoners in the EPA's EJ Plan

The Human Rights Defense Center submitted an 11-page comment yesterday for the EPA’s EJ 2020 Action Agenda. The premise? Prisoners’ rights.

Columbia University to Cut Ties With Private Prison Industry

Student organizers who successfully fought for the divestment say Columbia is the first American university to pull its investments from the private prison industry.

Why Prison Doesn't Work

Maya Schenwar, a journalist and the author of the new book ‘Locked Down, Locked Out’ talks restorative justice, birth in prison and white privilege in the fight against mass incarceration.

Connecticut Considers Transfer of Transgender Teen Held in Adult Prison

But her future remains uncertain.

Connecticut Holds Transgender Girl in Adult Prison

“Jane Doe” has never been criminally charged or convicted. So why has she been behind bars since April 8?

New York to End Solitary Confinement for Youth and Pregnant Inmates

New York will be the largest prison system in the country to end the practice for youth inmates.

A New Development in Prison Reform

Bipartisan momentum for dismantling mass incarceration is quietly building on Capitol Hill.

Life Without Parole for Selling a $10 Bag of Weed

The legacy of “tough on crime” policies lives on

NAACP Comes Out in Support of Bipartisan Marijuana Legislation

Congress is currently considering legislation that would expand protections for states seeking to decriminalize marijuana.

Former NYC Police Commissioner Slams Mandatory Minimums

After serving federal time, former NYC police commissioner Bernard Kerik has a revelation about mandatory minimums and the prison system

An Animated Look at California's Practice of Solitary Confinement

A new look inside one of our country’s most brutal punishments.

Campaign Aims to End High Rates for Prison Phone Calls

The ACLU’s new campaign aims to put pressure on Global-Tel-Link, one of the two large companies that continue to charge high prison phone call rates despite the FCC’s August ruling to reduce them.

Herman Wallace Dies Three Days After Being Released From Solitary

After spending more than 40 years in solitary confinement, Herman Wallace died today at age 71.

A Unique Alternative to a Prison Economy

Prisons are big business in upstate New York, but many are closing. Milk Not Jails is working to promote a new industry in the state’s shifting rural landscape.

Attorney General Outlines Changes on Mandatory Minimums

But is it really retroactive?

Correctional Officers Don't Like Mandatory Minimums, Either

There’s a growing–and surprising–call to reform mandatory sentencing minimums.

Families Protest the Solitary Confinement of Loved Ones in Calif.

They’re the invisible victims.

Defense Contractor Sponsors Sesame Street Incarceration Series