Prison Phone Rates

Campaign Aims to End High Rates for Prison Phone Calls

The ACLU’s new campaign aims to put pressure on Global-Tel-Link, one of the two large companies that continue to charge high prison phone call rates despite the FCC’s August ruling to reduce them.

Advocates Praise FCC's Decision to Lower Prison Phone Rates

After ten years, the FCC finally acted.

The Secret Weapon in the Prison Phone Rate Fight? Familes

A campaign led by the families of prisoners finally pushed the FCC’s hand toward regulating the prison phone industry.

FCC Issues Order to Lower Prison Phone Rates

It’s an historic move by the Commission and years in the making.

FCC to Vote Next Week on Prison Phone Rates

An average collect phone call from prison has a $3.95 connection fee and rates as high as 90 cents per minute, according to advocates.

FCC Proposal: Limit Burden on Families From $1.2B Prison Phone Biz

FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn noted that in some states one 15-minute interstate phone call from a prison can cost $17.

Family Becomes Focal Point in Fight to Lower Prison Phone Rates

The criminal cost of talking to a loved one behind bars has taken center stage at the Federal Communications Commission. And that’s exactly what organizers had in mind.

40k Sign Petition Urging FCC Lower Prison Phone Rates

On Wednesday, the FCC announced that they are at least willing to look into the issue.

Ava DuVernay Presents Prison's New Math in 'Middle of Nowhere'

The award-winning director talks about her latest film and her proudest moments.

Families Urge the FCC to Lower Price of Prison Phone Calls

Advocates say regulation would both reduce the price-gouging that incarcerated persons’ families suffer and simultaneously contribute to the social good by reducing recidivism.

The Criminal Cost of Talking to a Loved One Behind Bars

For years, states have worked with private phone companies to charge high rates on phone calls to and from prisons. Now activists are trying to force the FCC’s hand to do something about it.