Pregnant person in a striped gray and black shirt holding a purple flower as someone touches their abdomen

This Tiny Pill Could Lower Mortality Rates for Black Babies

It could prevent a life-threatening condition called preeclampsia—but many patients don’t know it can help.

Border Security Remains Key Issue In Presidential Campaigns

READ: How Congress Can Help Pregnant Migrant Women in Detention

A reproductive rights advocate writes about legal solutions to a growing crisis.

Black and white photo of a woman's pregnant body.

READ: Why Naming 'Race' As The Factor Behind Black Women's High Rates of Maternal Mortality Is Counterproductive

Ob-Gyn Dr. Joia Crear-Perry stresses that calling out racism is the only way to solve this health crisis.

A brown, pregnant abdomen

READ: How Racism Makes Pregnancy Dangerous for Black Women

Black women are 300 percent more likely to die from pregnancy- and childbirth-related causes than White women.

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STUDY: Flint's Water Crisis Led to a Decrease in Fertility and Increase in Fetal Deaths

Researchers believe there was a “substantial” drop in the number of babies born.

Black woman holding pregnant belly in front of brown-grey wall underneath red text

Serena Williams Embraces Motherhood on Cover of Vanity Fair

The Annie Liebovitz-shot cover shows the tennis star displaying her pregnant belly.

North Carolina Bill Criminalizes Drug-Addicted New Moms

The discredited War on Drugs continues

On 'Orange is the New Black' and Pregnancy in Prison

What happens when women give birth behind bars?

Study: Planning Pregnancies Saves Public Money

New research shows that intended pregnancies are less likely to be covered by public insurance programs

5 Really Bad Teen Pregnancy Prevention Ads

A brief history in public shaming.

New York City Tries to Shame Its Teens Into Not Having Babies

Featuring heart-tugging images of toddlers, a new multiracial ad campaign links teen pregnancy to financial strain, heartbreak, fatherlessness and undereducated children. Reproductive justice activists call the tough-love message counterproductive.