The New-Old Southern Strategy Mixes Racism and Sexism for Nasty Results

GOP presidential candidates have thrown gender dog-whistle politics into the race pot. It’s looking an awful lot like the odious 1960s Southern strategy.

Nearly Half of All Babies are of Color, 2010 Census Shows

The number of states where minority babies dominate has doubled to 14 since 2000. Survey: What Explains Racial Disparities?

In a national survey, we asked people why the American Dream turns nightmarish for many people of color. Big majorities blame class. But whites are more likely to point to individual initiative, while blacks in particular see race as a problem.

What's Racism? That's Harder for Youth to Answer Than You Think

In a series of focus groups, young people of all races struggled to describe the ways in which institutions and social structures produce racial disparities.

Don't Call Them "Post-Racial"--How Young People Actually Think About Race

A three-part series in which Dom Apollon breaks down the findings from a series of focus groups with Millennials on everything from Barack Obama to criminal justice.

Don't Call Them "Post-Racial." Millennials Say Race Matters to Them

Results from focus groups with dozens of multiracial young people show in-depth conversations about race generate far more nuanced ideas than mainstream polling has suggested.

Reporter's Notebook: A Look Inside Our Focus Groups on Youth and Race

Research director Dom Apollon explains the project and speaks with some of the focus group participants on camera.

A "Mixed-Race" Nation Isn't the Same as a Post-Race One

Dom Apollon explains what a buzz-making New York Times story left out.

The Most Racist Campaign in Decades, and What It Demands of Us

ColorLines Publisher Rinku Sen puts the frightful past two years of political discourse in context.

Why the "Conversation on Race" is Just Babble

Two essays well worth reading.