Police Accountability

Police body camera technology

READ: Body Cameras Won't Save Us

A new article from The Atlantic says there is only so much that technology can do to improve police accountability.

REPORT: Chicago Police Dept Has Long History of Racism

Police Accountability Task Force: “Our recommendations are intended to be responsive to the people, empower the people and to specifically identify a range of changes that are essential to building trust, accountability and lasting change.”

Students Use Hip Hop to Take on Police and Gang Violence

Students in a New York City high school are using hip-hop to speak their truth about police and gang violence

This is How NYPD Cops Talk About the Execution of a 14-Year-Old Latino

 ‘It’s a shame the punk kid died but it’s no loss to society.’

Peter Liang, Killer Cop or Chinese-American Scapegoat?

The NYPD officer who killed Akai Gurley appears in court.

Wisconsin Activists Stage 'Black Out Wednesday' Walkout

The protest takes place one day after a Dane County prosecutor declined to charge the officer who killed Tony Robinson Jr.

No Charges for Madison Cop Who Killed 19-Year-Old Tony Robinson Jr.

The 19-year-old was killed by Madison police officer Matt Kenny on March 6.

Moms of Sons Killed by Police to March in D.C.

A sobering kind of Mother’s Day gathering.

Tamir Rice's Mother, Living in Homeless Shelter, Finds Justice Elusive

The 12-year-old Cleveland boy’s mother cannot bear to live in the home next to where Tamir was killed.

WATCH: Hillary Clinton Addresses Baltimore and Incarceration

Here’s how to watch.

Here’s Everything Obama Said About Baltimore

The president breaks his silence on the topic with six major points

Tulsa Deputy Denies His Missing Training Records Were Faked

The Tulsa Sheriff’s Office cannot locate the paperwork which shows Bates was authorized to carry a firearm.

Death of 14-Year-Old Latino Killed by Chicago Police Kill Labeled 'Suicide'

Chicago’s civilian-led oversight commission still lists Rios’s death as ‘non-fatal.’

New Haven Police Chief Personally Apologizes to Teen

Teandrea Cornelius, 15, was slammed to the ground by a cop.

Growing Calls for Police Reform in Philadelphia and Chicago

Two new reports released this week back them up.

Justice Department Finds Racial Bias in Ferguson Traffic Stops

It’s the third report in two years to find discriminatory practice by police

Milwaukee Cops Let A Reporter In; Here's What They Say

Some members of law enforcement are beginning to address race relations publicly; is it enough?

Alabama Cop Fired After Video Slamming Indian Grandfather to the Ground

Madison officer Eric Parker also faces assault charges.

Indian Grandfather Nearly Paralyzed After Police Encounter in Alabama

The officer involved has been placed on administrative leave.

New York City Cop Indicted in Akai Gurley Stairwell Shooting

Reportedly facing up to 15 years in prison