Peter Liang

Black woman stands in church pulpit holding one young Black girl with another standing beside her

NYC to Pay Family of Akai Gurley $4 Million+ for Shooting Death

The shooter—former NYPD officer Peter Liang—will pay $25,000.

Asian-American Activists Demand #Justice4Akai, Protest Outside Major Chinese-Language Paper's Offices

Activists gathered outside Sing Tao Daily’s New York City office to protest the paper for not publishing a letter demanding justice for Akai Gurley. 

Asian-American Coalition Issues Powerful Statement About Peter Liang's Sentence of Community Service

The ex-NYPD officer will not serve any jail time for killing Akai Gurley. Judge says Liang’s fatal shooting of the unarmed Black man was an accident. 

Judge Denies Peter Liang's Request for a New Trial

The ex-NYPD officer will be sentenced next week for killing Akai Gurley in November 2014.

Prosecutor Recommends No Jail Time for Killer Ex-Cop Peter Liang

Brooklyn district attorney Ken Thompson: “This tragic case has always been about justice and not about revenge.”

Family, Community Commemorate 25th Anniversary of Latasha Harlins' Death

Harlins’ death at the hands of Korean shop owner Soon Ja Du, who served no jail time, inflamed community tensions in South Central Los Angeles that later manifest in the 1992 riots. 

This Heartbreaking Comic Shows Exactly Why We Need Asian-Black Solidarity Against Police Brutality

Check out Kayan Cheung-Miaw’s “Dear Brother” here. 

Vincent Chin's Niece Says Uncle 'Has Far More in Common With Akai Gurley Than Peter Liang'

Annie Tan responds to claims connecting her uncle’s tragedy to the conviction of fomer NYPD Officer Peter Liang.

Thousands Protest Ex-NYPD Cop Peter Liang's Conviction

A jury recently found the Chinese-American former officer guilty of killing Akai Gurley, an unarmed Black man.

NYPD Cop Peter Liang Convicted of Killing Akai Gurley

While some members of the community say justice was served, others feel Liang was scapegoated in a city where no officer has been convicted of a felony in more than a decade.

Trial Continues for NYPD Officer Charged With Killing Unarmed Man

Officer Peter Liang was charged with manslaughter and criminally negligent homicide for fatally shooting Akai Gurley in a Brooklyn public housing building in 2014. His trial began on Monday.

Peter Liang, Killer Cop or Chinese-American Scapegoat?

The NYPD officer who killed Akai Gurley appears in court.

New York City Cop Indicted in Akai Gurley Stairwell Shooting

Reportedly facing up to 15 years in prison