Paula Deen

Paula Deen Fires Social Media Manager Over Twitter Photo of Her Son in Brownface

Are we really surprised by what this woman does anymore? 

Paula Deen Knows How 'That Black Football Player' Michael Sam Feels

Because, you know, injustice.

Paula Deen Got a 10-Minute Standing Ovation This Weekend

Looks like the cooking queen is making a comeback.

Race-Based Claims Thrown Out in Paula Deen Suit

A federal judge said that it was not the job of the court to mediate human resources problems.

Eagles Receiver Riley Cooper Apologizes for Using the N-Word

Riley Cooper gave what seemed like a heartfelt apology at a press conference today for using the N-word at a Kenny Chesney concert in June.

Paula Deen, an American Story

Deen embodies the selective amnesia that’s allowed the U.S. to paper over its racial, economic and political contradictions, right from the start.

Paula Deen Hires Real-Life Olivia Pope, but the Supreme Court is the Fixer

But the Supreme Court played the ultimate fixer this week when it came to workplace discrimination.

Is Paula Deen Just a Product of Her Deep-Fried-Racist Time?

We wanna hear from you.

Bill Maher Sorta Defends the 'Hot Mess' That Is Paula Deen

Paula Deen probably had her worst week ever. She admitted to using the n-word, issued a couple of awful public apologies, and then was booted from the Food Network. But a recent episode of Real Time With Bill Maher brought up an interesting question: Is Deen just a product of her time – and should she get a pass? The answers on the show trended toward “no.”

But, as described at the Atlantic Wire:

Paula Deen: 'Please Excuse Me for the Mistakes I've Made'

Paula Deen has apologized for the racist comments she made that came to light earlier this week.

Leave It to Twitter to Brilliantly Mock Paula Deen's Racism

Because racism is as American as Paula Deen’s Apple Pie.

Paula Deen Wants to Have Black Slaves at Her Southern Dinner Party

Has she officially lost her mind? Nope. She’s just being honest.

Lawsuit Alleges Paula Deen Wanted Nigg*rs in Bow Ties Serving at Wedding

A lawsuit by a former employee is accusing Deen and her brother of using the N-word, sexual harassment, infliction of emotional distress and assault, is reporting.