Paul Ryan

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Trump on GOP Health Care Bill: 'We Just Pulled It.'

House Republicans pulled their rewrite of the American Health Care Act just minutes before the rescheduled vote. Watch House Speaker Paul Ryan discuss the change live.

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House Dems Vow to Continue Fight for Gun Control After Holiday

Representative John Lewis: “On July 5th, we’re gonna continue to push, to pull, to stand up and, if necessary, to sit down.”

Paul Ryan Says House Won’t Tackle Immigration Reform During Obama’s Term

House Speaker Paul Ryan: “I think it would be a ridiculous notion to try and work on an issue like this with a president we simply cannot trust on this issue.”

Paul Ryan's Fatally Flawed Economics

Last week Paul Ryan said that “inner city” men don’t understand work. Here’s a look at the ideas that undergird his statement.

Paul Ryan Knows Your Inner City

He learned about it from old people.

New U.S. Budget Proposal is Promising (Seriously!)

The two-year fiscal deal announced by Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) erases sequestration until 2016, restores funding to badly needed social programs, and allows for new investments in critical areas necessary to grow the economy.

Why is Abortion a Sidenote in the Big Show?

Staunchly anti-choice Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan got off easy on reproductive health rights at last night’s debate. Which makes sense, since the issue was cast as a personal matter.

Paul Ryan Sticks to His Guns--and Points Them at the Social Safety Net

After the vice presidential debate, the divide between the candidates on jobs, Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security could not be more stark.

Paul Ryan's Black College Girlfriend Wants Nothing To Do With Campaign

She says she wants nothing to with Mitt and Paul’s campaign.

Romney's Campaign Wedge: Taxpayers vs. Welfare Queens

Romney doesn’t have enough white support to win. But he knows how to get it.

What Does Paul Ryan Tell Us About What Romney Thinks? [Reader Forum]

Readers talk about Mitt Romney’s choice of running mate, and what we can deduce about his views of women and people of color.

Paul Ryan Sullies Black History, Has Woman Problems

The VP candidate is good with online aesthetics but falls short when it comes to women’s reproductive health. Oh, and he’s not below trotting out Dred Scott to get his way.

It's Hard to Imagine a Worse Choice for People of Color Than Paul Ryan

Though abhorrent, Ryan’s ideas are not new. Touted as an attempt to rescue America’s future, they’re ripped right out of America’s past.