Oscar Grant

'Oscar Grant Called Me Grandma'

On the fifth anniversary of Oscar Grant’s murder at the hands of a Bay Area transit cop, his grandmother Bonnie Johnson opens up about her grandson, and how she honors his memory.

'Fruitvale Station,' a Landmark

A new feature film on Oscar Grant’s killing takes its name from a landmark in a community that’s lived through, and fought back against, too much police violence.

Oscar Grant Film 'Fruitvale' Gets Official Release Date

oscar-grant-film-fruitvale-poster.jpg [“Fruitvale,”](http://colorlines.com/archives/2013/01/ryan_coogler.html) written and directed by first-time filmmaker Ryan Coogler [will be released on October 18th.](http://www.imdb.com/news/ni48306898/) The Sundance grand jury prize for dramatic film winner depicts the final 24 hours in the life of Oscar Grant–the 22-year-old Oakland, Calif., resident shot by police at the Fruitvale subway stop in 2009.