Oakland police

'Fruitvale Station,' a Landmark

A new feature film on Oscar Grant’s killing takes its name from a landmark in a community that’s lived through, and fought back against, too much police violence.

Cousin of Oscar Grant Shot By Oakland Police Files $10 Million Lawsuit

Tony Ray Jones, a 24-year-old man shot and wounded by Oakland police in February, filed a $10 million federal civil rights suit against the city Wednesday.

Oakland Police Shoot Oscar Grant's Cousin

Meanwhile, police decline to file charges in the case of another unrelated shooting of a homeless man. So much for accountability.

Hundreds March in Oakland on Anniversary of Oscar Grant's Killing

A march and vigil was held Sunday to mark the third anniversary of Oscar Grant’s murder.

Occupy Oakland's Pancho Stierle Released Pending Deportation Hearing

Meanwhile, he’s criticized the city for closing schools and spending millions to fight Occupy protesters.

5 Occuprint Posters Tell the Tale of Global Solidarity for 99 Percent

From Brooklyn to Indonesia, artists have have helped articulate a deeply personal political narrative.

More Anger Toward Jean Quan After Night of Violence at Occupy Oakland

The city’s first Asian-American mayor is being roundly criticized by protesters and police officers alike for her wavering stance.

Occupy Oakland Plans for General Strike, Occupation of Foreclosed Homes

Occupy Oakland organizers hope to make history again by shutting down the city: the last general strike in the U.S. was in Oakland in 1946.

The Police Raid on Occupy Oakland Was Nothing New for This City

This week’s chaos was the latest in at least two years of violent responses to public protest–and a long string of violence against suspects in black neighborhoods.

Occupy Oakland Faces a Troubled Police Dept.--and Historic Mayor

Oakland’s first Asian-American mayor, Jean Quan, has authorized violent police raids on the Occupy Oakland encampment. For many protestors of color, the move raised questions about the face–and complexion–of the power they’re fighting.

Riot Police Raid Occupy Oakland, Arrest 85

The occupation had been one of the largest 99 percent protests in the country.

Deadly Secrets: What Calif. Residents Can't Know About Police Misconduct

A dramatic rollback in transparency laws left Californians with no way to monitor police misconduct complaints–and thus prevent future violence. Ali Winston investigates.

Deadly Secrets: How California Law Shields Oakland Police Violence

A dramatic rollback in transparency laws five years ago left California residents with no way to monitor police misconduct complaints–and thus prevent future violence. A Colorlines.com investigation finds Oakland is one of the cities left most vulnerable.

Toddler's Murder Begs Hard Questions About Violence--and Policing

East Oakland has long been plagued by gun violence, and many in the community have demanded more cops. They’ve also demanded more respect and less violence from the police who protect them.

Oakland's Still Crawling Toward Police Reform

Two years after Lovelle Mixon shot and killed four cops amid a climate of deep hostility in Oakland, what’s changed?

Oakland Gathers To Protest Another Police Shooting

Officers shot and killed unarmed Derrick Jones on Monday.