"We are not safe. Women's March from #NRA2DOJ."

#NRA2DOJ March Targets Gun Rights Group For 'Incendiary and Racist Actions'

Women’s March organizers to the National Rifle Association of America: “It is clear that your organization does not value the legal rights nor the human rights of any of us.”

Black woman in blue denim shirt surrounded by Black women, children and man in multi-colored clothing in front of yellow screen

Black L.A. Activists Demand NRA Pull Fearmongering, Anti-Movement Videos

“We know that we are not safe, but we are not scared either.”

A large pile of guns

40+ Advocacy Groups Unite to Push for Gun Control

The civil rights, labor and gun safety groups will kick off a large-scale direct action campaign at the NRA’s lobbying office this Saturday.

Hasan Minhaj with black suit and white shirt, rainbow flag pin, red background

WATCH: Hasan Minhaj Passionately Denounces Congressional Inaction on Gun Laws

“You get paid almost $200,000 a year to write rules, to make our society better. Not tweet, not tell us about your ‘thoughts and prayers.’ To write rules to make our society better.”

Watch Pres. Obama React to Yet Another School Shooting

“The fact that 20 six-year-olds were gunned down in the most violent fashion possible and this town couldn’t do anything about it was stunning to me,” Pres. Obama says

NRA Criticizes Obama Because Daughters Are Protected by Secret Service

A new ad from the National Rifle Association attacks President Obama and his daughters.