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WATCH: President Obama Describes His 'Toughest Day' in Office in New Promo

History will air “The 44th President: In His Own Words,” on January 15.

Florida's School-to-Prison Pipeline Is Largest in the Nation

As talking back to your teacher increasingly leads to misdemeanor criminal charges, experts say the arrests have lifelong consequences.

Obama's Gun Control Plan Could Worsen School-to-Prison Pipeline

Beware the neutral-sounding language, civil rights advocates warn.

ACLU Tells Joe Biden: More Police in Schools Don't Make Them Safer

Biden’s White House task force on curbing gun violence is set to release its recommendations soon, and advocacy groups urge against repeating past mistakes.

After Newtown, School Communities Brace for Another Influx of Police

School advocates that are already fighting a school to prison pipeline warn against the assumption that you prevent violence by adding cops.