New Orleans

A security vehicle sits outside Exxon / Mobil refinery September 23, 2005 in Baytown, Texas.

Hazardous Chemicals Released Into Air Following Hurricane-Related Refinery Accidents in Houston

ExxonMobil acknowledged that two of its refineries were damaged, and there was an unrelated pipeline leak. 

A sign displayed in a front yard request that residents keep fro playing in the dirt or mulch at the West Calumet Housing Complex on September 4, 2016, in East Chicago, Indiana.

READ: Racism's Role in the Fight to Save Children From Lead Poisoning

Lead expert David Rosner to ThinkProgress: “The rest of the country basically saw it as an idiosyncratic thing, affecting just a few Black kids and Hispanic kids and therefore unimportant.”

Greyscale image of Black woman in light patterned tie, black-and-white-striped vest and black shirt in front of white background

READ: Why Crime Survivors Who Refuse to Testify Should Not Be Jailed

New Orleans-based journalist Deborah Cotton died this week from wounds sustained during a 2013 shooting. Her new, posthumously published essay argues that incarcerating crime victims who won’t testify feeds distrust between prosecutors and communities of color.

Statue on a flatbed truck with workers

New Orleans Removes First of Four Confederate Statues

Mayor Mitch Landrieu: “We can remember these divisive chapters in our history in a museum or other facility where they can be put in context—and that’s where these statues belong.”

Black man in purple, gold and green shirt and green hat next to Black man in black t-shirt next to Black woman in black t-shirt next to Black woman in red, white and black jacket behind Black table in front of White wall

New Orleans Bounce Artists, Documentarians 'Bring That Beat' to SxSW

Panelists talked about the dance music genre’s history and prominent artists at South by Southwest.

Black woman in grey t-shirt with black and orange lettering pouring water from water bottle into eyes of Black woman in grey hoodie

6 Arrested During Protest of David Duke's HBCU Appearance

Duke—a former Ku Klux Klan leader, current Senate candidate and Donald Trump supporter—railed against the Black Lives Matter movement and Jews during a controversial debate appearance at Dillard University, an historically Black institution.

Black man with black dreadlocks wearing black t-shirt and holding black and grey microphone

New Orleans Activist Receives Death Threats After Action Against Andrew Jackson Statue

Quess Moore was threatened after a group he’s involved in, Take Em Down NOLA, attempted to remove an Andrew Jackson monument over the weekend.

Solange Knowles in beige shirt and purple eyeshadow against white background

ICYMI: Solange Knowles Condemns Insecurity of 'Predominantly White Spaces' in Sobering New Essay

The singer wrote about a recent experience at a concert where a group of White women demanded she and her family sit down—then hit her with a lime.

Big Freedia in red jacket and orange-and-black tshirt against white background

READ: How NOLA's Housing Crisis Caught Up to Big Freedia

The New Orleans bounce music icon and reality TV star received a sentence of three years probation and a fine of $35,000 for Section 8 voucher fraud. A new Pitchfork article examines the housing problems that underwrote Big Freedia’s conviction.

Colorlines screen shot of Twitter video posted by Green Party of LA, taken on August 22, 2016.

What Twitter Said About the '#AnotherGulf Is Possible' March

Protestors from different movements came together in New Orleans to call for social justice to the region, which is still recovering from severe floods.

White man wearing glasses with camera

STUDY: Police Body Cameras in Danger of Being Used as 'Instruments of Injustice'

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights examined body-worn camera policies in 50 municipalities. It was not impressed.

Mark Wilson/Getty

Natural Gas Power Plant in New Orleans East? Neighbors Say No

Groups are calling the proposal for a refurbished gas plant in the predominantly Black community an “environmental injustice.”

From NOLA to AfricaTown, a Black Bike Enthusiast's Dream Trek

To celebrate the self-determination of the Black South, women-owned adventure company Black Freedom Outfitters led a three-day journey from New Orleans to AfricaTown, Alabama. Ride along.

ICYMI: New Orleans Honored Prince With Powerful Second Line Tribute, 'Purple Rain' Hymn

Note: We accept no responsibility for making you weep hysterically. 

MacArthur Foundation Awards $25 Million in Grants for Justice System Reform

Twenty jurisdictions will receive funding to reduce racial and ethnic disparities and shrink jail populations across the nation.

On 'Jackson Five Nostrils,' Creole vs. 'Negro' and Beefing Over Beyoncé's 'Formation'

As you know, the video for Beyoncé Knowles’ ”Formation” does the most, from invoking police violence, to flashing back to Hurricane Katrina, to celebrating Blue Ivy’s adorable afro. Here, Yaba Blay, a dark-skinned, New Orleans-bred scholar who researches skin color and identity politics, gets into a topic we’ve been avoiding: the message Beyoncé is sending about complexion and worth. 

RECAP: From #ReclaimMLK to #MLKNow, a Day of Action, Service and Remembrance

On the 30th anniversary of the first national celebration of MLK Day, activists and celebs take to the streets and the stage to strengthen Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy.

'Soundtrack 63' Commemorates New Orleans' Exceptional Civil Rights History Through Music and Poetry

The event features commentary from Sonia Sanchez and Dr. Cornel West. 

WATCH: President Obama on Hurricane Katrina: 'Natural Disaster Became A Man-Made Disaster'

As the nation turns its eyes to New Orleans, the president visits the city and talks about the road to recovery.

INFOGRAPHIC: Race and Recovery 10 Years After Hurricane Katrina

A stark, by-the-numbers look at race and recovery in New Orleans since Hurricane Katrina.