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Senate Will Soon Have Four Times as Many Women of Color

Kamala Harris, Tammy Duckworth and Catherine Cortez Masto won crucial elections and will join Mazie Hirono in the upper legislative house next year.

'Hogtying' of Inmates Raises Alarm About Nevada Juvenile Detention Conditions

More than one in four incarcerated youth say they’ve been physically restrained before.

Nevada Led the Country in Expanding the Vote. Now, It's Eyeing Voter ID

A Democratic secretary of state made registration easier and supported early voting, leading to dramatic turnout. So why is he now proposing a plan that could disenfranchise voters?

Fourteen-Year-Old From Inglewood Explains Why He's Canvassing for Obama in Nevada

Fourteen-year-old Antoine Jenkins traveled from Inglewood, Calif. to Las Vegas, Nevada to knock on doors and urge voters in the swing state to vote for Obama.

A Swing State Disenfranchises Its Poor Electorate

Despite a federal obligation to do so, Nevada public service agencies are accused of not providing their clients with voter registration forms.

Are Mitt Romney's Canvassers Deceiving Nevada Voters?

Senior citizens in Nevada say Romney canvassers are misinforming them about the voter registration process.

Tough Prospects for DREAM Act's Lame Duck Passage

Latino voters may have helped save Harry Reid, but Republicans may keep him from following through on his agenda.

Latino Voters Save the West for Democrats

Exit polls suggest Harry Reid and Jerry Brown owe Latinos their jobs. Will they remember that fact?

GOP Strategist Who Told Latinos "Don't Vote," Casts His Ballot

Do as Robert de Posada says, but not as he does.

Sharron Angle Says Fear "The Wave" (Yes, She Means Brown People)

Things just keep getting uglier in Nevada.

Fighting Over--and Pushing Down--the Latino Vote in Nevada

Controversy rages as a Latino GOP strategist urges the state’s Latinos not to vote at all.

Sharron Angle Tells Latino Kids They "Look Asian"

Still, she could very well join the U.S. Senate.

The Utterly Crazy Things Would-Be Sen. Sharron Angle Says

Sure, she’s fond of racism and xenophobia. But why stop there?