Nelson Mandela

Barack Obama. Black man in tan suit in profile

LIVESTREAM: Barack Obama Gives Speech on Legacy of Nelson Mandela

The former president is live from Johannesburg, South Africa to commemorate what would be Mandela’s 100th birthday.

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BET's 'Madiba' Brings Nelson Mandela's Anti-Apartheid Struggle to the Small Screen

The biopic miniseries premieres tonight and stars Laurence Fishburne as the African National Congress leader.

Obama Poses For a Selfie With World Leaders at Nelson Mandela Memorial

But Michelle Obama wasn’t having it.

A Struggle's Echo, from South Africa to Brazil

Brazil scholar Cheryl Sterling explains how Nelson Mandela’s message has inspired movements for black freedom throughout the diaspora.

Mandela and the Black Diaspora

Mandela made tangible the native history I was taught to be proud of, but to which I couldn’t always relate.

A Mandela Reading List

Honor Mandela’s legacy by learning about the man, his people and the times that created him. Here’s a starting point.

Rinku Sen: What Mandela Taught Us

He showed us how to fail epically, fail justly, fail lovingly, so that, in time, we can succeed.

Kendrick Lamar Urges Fans to Join Him in Research of Nelson Mandela

Like many of his fans, Lamar is of a generation that came of age years after Mandela’s fight against apartheid and release from prison in 1990.

That Time Reagan Vetoed the Anti-Apartheid Act

Watch Desmond Tutu break down how wrong the president was to support South Africa’s racist regime.

He Was My Elder, He Was My Brother

Black Arts Movement luminary and Third World Press publisher Haki Madhubuti reflects on Nelson Mandela’s legacy.

Mandela, the Unapologetic Radical

The world’s powerful now mourn an icon, but still avoid facing his politics.

Mandela, in His Own Words

“The struggle is my life.”

Nelson Mandela, 1918-2013

As we remember the iconic freedom fighter’s life and legacy, we’re also taking a look back at where it started. Watch one of his first recorded interviews from 1961.

Watch Idris Elba Play Nelson Mandela in New Film

The film opens in the United States on November 29.

Will Hollywood Tell Nelson Mandela's Story Without a White Co-Pilot?

Today’s his birthday.